Causes & Tips On Dealing With Toddler Sprain

Toddler strains and toddler sprains are only natural when your little one wants to explore every nook and corner and wants to take over the world. Toddlers think they are infallible and are constantly getting their tiny selves into little fixes. As a result, sprains in toddlers are all too common. For a toddler a sprain occurs the same way it does in an adult, it occurs as a result of overstretching or tearing of your toddler's ligaments, these fibers found around one's joints.

When this happens swelling results and the joint can start to pain a lot. For a toddler, even a sprain can be a frightening and traumatic experience. One needs to understand that this is distinct from a strain.


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The latter refers to muscle pulls, which refer to the same problem (overstretching or tearing) but of the muscles or connecting tendons. These can occur all at once or could gradually develop. As both these are common in active children, a parent has to learn more about how to deal with them, particularly if the toddler is an adventurous one. They can also range from minor symptoms to more serious ones which indicate the seriousness of the sprain or strain.

Tips during Toddler Sprains

For a toddler, an ankle sprain would require much the same attention as toddler strains.

The following tips are general rule for any kind of sprain or strain. The child can start crying so you should offer comfort while treating the injury. Typically, the affected area (in this case, the ankle) should be kept elevated and the toddler should be made to rest in this manner.

This can be a little difficult as your toddler might not want to remain still and may be very fussy because of the pain. At the same time, you have to try and find a way to make your toddler rest like this, so as not to aggravate the injury.

After this, a cold compress usually works best. You can fashion a homemade one yourself, using ice and a clean cloth. This will help the little one calm down because it numbs the pain. This ice pack also serves another purpose which is to help with swelling. Such quick attention can really help so it is important to try and remember these little steps when dealing with your toddler next time. Remember that a fracture is also a possibility so it might be best to let your pediatrician look over the sprain to see if there is any further complication.

Sprains in Toddlers
Toddler Sprains
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