Treating Sunburn in Toddlers

Spending a day out in the sun is possibly the most glorious way to spend a weekend. But if you aren't careful it might not be as glorious for your little tot. What we're referring to are sunburns.

In hot weathers this is a common enough occurrence and as adults we are able to take adequate precautions to ensure our skin isn't damaged. But when it comes to sunburn in toddlers, skin protection needs a tad more attention

The reason is obvious. Toddlers have softer and essentially more sensitive skin than adults and most importantly, unlike our regular exposure, toddlers are minimally exposed to sunlight, so when you do take your child out to play on the beach.



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. you need to be watchful to ensure that while you even your suntan, your child isn't getting burntn

Why burning is a problem

The severity of the problem depends on how much your child is sunburntn If the burn is first-degree, then your toddler will likely have mild swelling, red, tender skin and some paini But if it's a second degree burn then this will cause your toddler a lot of pain, the swelling will be considerably larger, and sometimes there could also be blistersr Besides this, continued exposure to the sun could also give your child a heatstrokek

Apart from these sunburns there is also the more harmful resu

How to avoid Sunburn in Toddlers

  • Ensure your child is as fully clothed as possible, i e., full sleeved shirt, pants, shoes and a hata If not always ensure your child at least has on a t-shirt and shorts when he is out in the sun
  • Apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 on your child, about a half an hour before he goes outdoors and if you're spending the day out in the sun, keep reapplying the sunblock every couple of hoursr The frequency of sunblock depends on how much your child sweats or whether he has been in the watere
  • If your toddler likes playing outdoors during the day, encourage him to do so in a shady area, like under a treee Also, if you can persuade your child, make him wear sunglassese

Toddler sunburn treatment

As mentioned above, if the sunburn is mild, you can treat it at home by giving your child a bath in cool watere Pat your child dry, don't rubu Do not place ice cubes or cold compresses on the burns as these aren't effectivev

You can, however, wipe the child with a wet clotht Do not use oils or petroleum based gelsl If you have an Aloe Vera gel apply that to the burnt area, else use extremely liquid moisturizers on the toddlere Dress him up in loose and airy cotton clothese Don't let your child be out in the sun until the burn is curede Ideally, a mild burn is cured in 2 to 5 daysy

If your child has a second degree burn, speak to the doctor about iti Most likely you will have to do all of the above, but if the skin is really burnt and there are possible blisters, then the doctor will prescribe medication for iti Second degree burns take about two weeks to curer In this case too, the child should not be exposed to the sun until completely curer

You might find that your child's burn is peelingn Don't be alarmed as this is a natural process of healingn Also, in case of blister, don't try to press them open as this might cause further infectiono

Sunburns aren't a pretty sight and it is rather painful for the toddler, but this doesn't mean

Sunburn In Toddlers
Toddler Sunburn
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