Dealing With Painful Stomach Ache In Toddlers

Toddler stomach aches can be caused because of a variety of reasons like eating too much, hyperacidity, bloating and gas, and stomach infections. One of the leading causes of a stomach ache in a toddler is, surprisingly enough, milk.

Cow milk is a rich cocktail of nutrients but it is also very rich in bacteria as well. Normally, this is not a problem because most of these bacteria are actually beneficial for our own guts as well; however, the type of bacteria in the milk can be a cause of problems.


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This is especially the case if you switch from one brand of milk to another. Non-pasteurized milk is a major problem for people who don't buy packaged milk. Lactose intolerance is also a causative factor for a toddler stomach ache.

How to Deal with Toddler Stomach Ache

Dealing with a toddler tummy ache can be quite stressful especially if the toddler loses control of his or her bowel movements in the process. In addition to this, toddlers usually cannot articulate the exact problem that they are facing and you sometimes have no idea where the problem exactly is. One of the best ways to figure out the exact problem is to lay your child down flat, place a palm over its abdominal area, and tap the back of the hand like a hammer. You can usually tell by this little test if there is some kind of gas trapped in the child's system. Gas and bloating is a result of incomplete digestion.

The human digestive system is a fine balance of acid, enzymes, and bacteria. When there is a deficiency or over-activity during the digestive process, indigestion results.

Milk is the best example to explain this. When we drink milk, the complex sugar called lactose has to be broken down by an enzyme called lactase. If you drink more milk than you can produce lactase or if you are lactose intolerant, the complex sugar will pass straight to you intestines. Here, the bacteria run riot on the excessive amounts of the sugar and cause gas and diarrhea.

Stomach infections are quite common in children. The best way to deal with this is with medical supervision. Dietary changes include a switch to spice free boiled food and cereals. Liquid diets are probably the best during this time as well. Avoid junk food completely until a child is at least six years old and even further if feasible.

Stomach Ache In Toddlers
Toddler Stomach Ache
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