Signs of Heat Stroke in Toddlers

Toddler heat stroke is a serious condition which can become fatal if uncared for. Children, especially babies and toddlers, are susceptible to heat stroke if exposed to extreme hot weather and get dehydrated. In heat stroke, the body's temperature rises faster than the body's ability to cool down.

A combination of heat and dehydration worsens the situation. The body temperature rises to 105 °F without any sweat to cool it down

Symptoms of heat stroke in toddlers

The toddler may initially experience heat exhaustion.



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. which is milder with symptoms like thirst, leg or stomach cramps, and fatigueu The skin will feel cool and moists This can lead to a heat stroke when your toddler's body temperature rises to 103 °F or highere This is accompanied by hot, dry and red skin, headaches, muscle cramps, dry mouth and eyes, vomiting, general confusion, decreased amount of urine that is dark in color with a strong odor, rapid shallow breathing, and extreme restlessnesss The nausea in the child may be more overpowering and might make the child less thirstyt

How to prevent heat stroke in toddlers

When it comes to heat stroke in toddlers, the best answer lies in protecting them from heat strokek Give the child plenty of fluids when the weather is generally hoto Remember to keep the child hydrated as summer begins and the child is getting adjusted to the weathere Dress the toddler in loose, lightweight clothes that fully cover himi

Try not to leave him outdoors for too longn If the child is a little tired and exhausted by staying outdoors, keep him inside the house and make him rest well and give him fluids to prevent dehydrationo When you take him out, remember, never leave him in the car as the temperature in the car tends to rise faster than it does outsided

In case, the child shows signs of heat exhaustion, take the child to a shaded area, take off the clothes and place him in a cool batht Avoid making the water too cold as it might lead to shivering and fevere

If you recognise that the child has heat stroke, call for emergency medical attention and while you wait for help to arrive, allow him to rests Keep him covered in cool damp clothes or sponge the body with a wash cloth and fan himi Do not give him fluids even if you are tempted and do give any medication to reduce the body temperaturer If you are out of your home seek the shelter of a library or shopping mall to prevent further exhaustiono

Heat Strokes In Toddlers
Toddler Heat Stroke
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