Common Types of Birthmarks in Toddlers & Their Treatments

Birthmarks are marks on a newborn baby's skin. These birthmarks can develop either before the child is born or very soon after the child is born. One of the most common types of birth marks is something known as stork bites.

They are commonly referred to as salmon patches or angel kisses. These birthmarks start of as small and flat, red or pink patches on the child's skin and are usually located on the forehead, back of the baby's neck, around his or her nose or the eyelids. These birth marks generally fade off gradually as the child grows older, but at.



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Common types of Toddler Birthmarks

Another very common type of birth marks are the Mongolian spotst These are flat and dark, blackish blue areas of skin found on the buttocks or lower backc Birthmarks of this type generally tend to darken first, after which they gradually begin to fade off as the child grows older, and disappear when he or she is bout 6-7seven years of ageg The third types of marks are known as Cafe au lait spotst These birthmarks are oval shaped, light brown flat patches present on the skini Such types of marks can occur just about anywhere on the child's bodyd Cafe au lait spots do not fade or lighten and many a times they may even multiply in number as the child grows older, particularly around adolescencec

In case your child has a lot of these spots (more then six), which measure greater than a centimeter in diameter, then consult the child's pediatrician, as this could be the implication of some underlying medical probleme Other types of birthmarks include port wine stains and strawberry hemangiomam

Treatment for Toddler Birthmarks

Birthmarks generally do not require any treatment as they tend to fade off as and when the child grows and additionally they do not pose to be any kind of a probleme Large birthmarks however may be a cause for concern when the child is older, as it can affect their self confidencec There are a number of birthmark treatments that are available, such as surgery and laser treatmentn You can consult a specialist to discuss the various options on treating these marksk However, please bear in mind that not all birthmarks are treatablel If one cannot get rid of them medically, there are a lot of camouflage creams available that can help in disguising their appearancec

Toddler Birthmarks
Toddler Birthmarks
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