Signs Of Blood Infection In Toddlers & Remedies

Blood infection or bacterial sepsis is an infection caused by strains of bacteria that enter the blood stream. Two types of bacteria that mostly cause this infection are Haemophilus influenzae and Streptoccocus Pneumoniae. Toddlers are quite prone to blood infection as their immune systems are undeveloped and delicate.

Also, toddlers who have not been vaccinated with Hib or Prevnar vaccines will suffer from these bacterial infections. It's usually difficult to identify sepsis because it has symptoms that are common to many ailments.


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Fever is one of the symptoms of toddler bacterial sepsis. If a toddler has a fever beyond 102 degrees Celsius even though there is no apparent reason like ear infection, flu, meningitis, or gastrointestinal infection, the toddler must be examined for blood infection. Sometimes there are no other symptoms except for fever. The fever may also be accompanied by chills and shivers. Other than fever, the toddler may also become restless, drowsy and cranky, lose appetite, get breathless, and his skin may become pale and break into a rash.

Symptoms of Blood Infection in Toddles

Sometimes the infection enters the bloodstream through boils or cuts and wounds. In this case, the toddler will have fever, pain and redness around the wound. This kind of infection can lead to more problems so must be shown to a doctor immediately. There are a number of microbes and bacteria that cause blood infection in toddlers.

Sometimes fungi and viruses also lead to infections and a toddler that has suffered from pneumonia is also at risk of sepsis.

Treatment for Blood Infection in Toddlers

Toddler blood infection can be treated by antibiotics, which may take about a week to treat the infection. And, it's important to vaccinate him regularly. It's also important to strengthen the immune system and maintain optimum hygiene to prevent any kind of bacterial attacks. For this, give your toddler healthy foods like vegetables, fruits and juices. Also, ensure that your toddler's nails are short and he doesn't bite his nails or put dirty hands in his mouth. It's very important to treat blood infection in a toddler as it can travel through the bloodstream and affect the kidneys, joints, and lungs. Since in the case of sepsis the inflammation spreads from the affected body site to the other tissues, it can damage the tissues, result in blood clots and a drop in blood pressure. So, it's extremely important to vaccinate the baby and if the baby is wounded, the wound must be kept clean at all times and treated immediately.

Toddler Blood Infection
Toddler Blood Infection
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