What Conditions Causes Hair Loss In Toddlers

Hair loss is typically a problem that is associated with old age, or at least with people who are past the age of 30. It is usually a great shock to parents to find their toddler losing hair, but the truth is that hair loss in toddlers is not uncommon. Thankfully, such hair loss is usually the result of some minor problem, and it is easily treated.

In fact, in a large number of cases, toddler hair loss is simply the result of mechanical trauma to the hair shaft, root, or follicle. Tying the child's hair excessively tightly into braids or even pigtails or ponytails can cause such hair loss. Some children also develop a bald patch where the head rubs against the pillow, usually if the child tends to prefer a single sleeping position.


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In such cases, the solution is quite simple - encourage the child to sleep in a different position, or style the child's hair in a manner that does not damage the hair shaft, root, or follicle.

Conditions During Hair Loss in Toddlers

Apart from such factors, there are a number of conditions that can cause hair loss in toddlers. In rare cases, a child may actually pull out his or her own hair. This is usually the result of stress or trauma, and it is important to get professional help in handling this condition, which is known as trichotillomania. One more common condition is known as alopecia areata, which is basically localized hair loss without any clear cause. The hair loss seems to be caused by an immune system malfunction. Fortunately, this condition is temporary, and the child's hair will grow back normally within a year. In case this does not happen, you can try medication; however, these drugs tend to have side effects that are best avoided.

Instead, it is better to let the body recover with only the aid of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Causes of Hair Loss in Toddlers

There are also fungal infections that can cause hair loss. Fungal infections of the scalp are not uncommon among toddlers, and these could either directly cause hair loss or cause the child to scratch the scalp a lot, thus indirectly resulting in hair loss. Keeping the scalp clean and dry is important to get rid of these infections, but this may not be enough. Often, medical treatment is necessary - both topical and internal. Your doctor will guide you with regard to the treatment necessary. Toddlers with hair loss must of course always be referred to their doctors, as the doctor may be able to detect some underlying cause other than those that have just been described.

Hair Loss In Toddlers
Toddler Hair Loss
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