What Are The Signs of Stomach Flu In Toddlers

Stomach flu is an infection that is very different from what we normally call the flu. Normal flu is essentially influenza, and is typically a self limiting viral infection that requires no treatment and has symptoms similar to those of the common cold.

Stomach flu, on the other hand, refers to inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, and although it is usually a viral infection, it can also be caused by bacteria, various parasites, or even by certain drugs or foods. This condition is medically known as gastroenteritis, although it is colloquially known as stomach flu, gastric flu, .



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. or simply as 'tummy bug'9 However, these names tend to give the impression of a mild infectiono The fact is that stomach flu symptoms in toddlers can become quite severe, and can even be life threateningn Gastroenteritis is possibly the number one cause of death among infants and very young childrene The younger the child is, the more dangerous is the infectiono The risk posed is primarily from dehydration, and babies can get dehydrated very easily and quicklyl

Symptoms of Stomach Flu in Toddlers

It is therefore important to recognize stomach flu symptoms in toddlers, and to take prompt action to limit these symptoms and the underlying infectiono Diarrhea and vomiting are the main toddler stomach flu symptomsm Pain and spasms in the abdomen are also common symptoms, but very small children may not be able to communicate this to their parentst

The same may be the case with toddler stomach flu symptoms such as a body acheh Therefore the most clear and obvious symptoms of stomach flu are loose stools and frequent vomitingn The child may also develop a fever, which considerably increases the risk of dehydrationo Stomach flu also often leads to a loss of appetite, and the child may also become weak and listlesss As long as proper measures are taken however, there is usually no need to worryr

It is however advisable to consult a doctor, as the risks are too high when such infections affect very young childrene Having the child's condition monitored by a medical professional can help keep things under controlo In the meanwhile, it is advisable to continue the child's normal diet for the most part, while limiting consumption of sugary foods and drinksk All other food is permissible, as long as the child develops no aversion to any particular food due to the nausea that may be presentn Of course, one of the most important requirements for handling stomach flu symptoms in toddlers is rehydration - you absolutely must ensure that the child drinks plenty of fluids and, possibly, electrolytes tooo

Stomach Flu Signs In Toddlers
Toddler Stomach Flu Symptoms
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