Infected Ear In Toddlers: Remedies & Preventing Tips

If you've noticed that your toddler is a lot more cranky, irritable, and fussy and is constantly tugging his ears, it's possibly because he's suffering from an ear infection. Don't panic if he has flu or maybe fever as that can happen sometimes.

The first step in this situation naturally is to call the doctor.

As is the case with most infections, it's best to take your child to the doctor at the first sign of any symptoms. Usually, to ascertain that it is in fact a ear infection, the doctor will look into your toddler's ears with an otoscope, a medical device used to look into the ears. This instrument helps the doctor look at the outer as well as middle of the patient's ear.


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If the toddler's eardrum is swollen, red or moist because of some fluid, it is most likely an ear infection. The other equipment used to validate a ear infection is a pneumatic otoscope. This device releases puffs of air and the doctor then measures the movement in response to that. If the eardrum is not moving, it is most likely because there is some sort of fluid collecting in the middle ear possibly creating an infection.

Remedies for Toddler Ear Infection

The medication your toddler receives will depend on his age as well as the severity of his symptoms. As a rule, doctors would like to avoid putting toddlers on antibiotics.

If the symptoms are mild, sometimes doctors ask the parents to wait a couple of days to see if the problem resolves itself. In fact there are a high percentage of toddlers who get better without the use of antibiotics. But in case of severe pain or perhaps fluids draining from the ear, doctors immediately prescribe antibiotics to deal with the infection.

Sometimes, doctors will only prescribe ear drops. At other times it's an antibiotic as well as ear drops. Of course, in certain instances, all you have to do is place warm compresses on your toddler's ears.

The point is whatever the medication prescribed, be sure to complete the course and then take your toddler for a re-check to ensure the medicines have had the desired effect.

Toddler ear infection home remedies would include lubricating the ear with a little olive oil.

This will help to soften any hardened wax and allow it to flow back out along with the olive oil. Warm a little olive oil slightly and check its temperature before you pour it into his ear. Make him lie on his side so that the oil can trickle deep down inside his ear. After about 20 minutes, he can turn over and allow the oil to drain out. You can use this method twice a day to make sure that his ears are completely free of all debris.

Preventing Toddler Ear Infection

Avoid smoky environments. Do not let anyone smoke in your house as the tobacco could lead to infections. If your toddler has a ear infection, the tobacco is certain to aggravate it. Wash your hands as well as your toddler's regularly. Ear infections aren't contagious but other infections like the flu that come along or come before an ear infection are. So, it helps to maintain a hygienic environment. Being up to date with your toddler's vaccination also helps.

Ear infections aren't dangerous, nor are they incurable, as long as you spot them early and treat them right away.

Treat Toddler Ear Infection
Toddler Ear Infection Remedies
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