Natural Ways Of Treating Eye Discharge in Toddlers

The eyes are very delicate organs that can get easily infected due to exposure to dirt or dust particles or local infections caused by microorganisms. One of the most common forms of eye infection that children suffer from is called conjunctivitis, which is the inflammation of the thin membrane that covers the eyeball.

Another eye infection that kids frequently suffer from is stye, which is a harmless swelling at the base of an eyelash or on the inner surface of the eyelid.

Sometimes the eyelids themselves may get inflamed due to a condition.



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.called blepharitisi An infection of the tear duct, known as dacryocystitis, may also affect childrene The most common symptoms of these infections is redness, pain and burning sensation in the eyes, excessive watering of eyes, discharge of a pale yellowish thick fluid from the eyes, blurred vision and hypersensitivity to harsh lighth It is advisable that you consult an ophthalmologist in such casese

Remedies for Eye Discharge in Toddlers

However, there are a few simple remedies that you may simultaneously and safely follow at home to treat eye discharge in toddlers faster and more effectivelyl It is very useful to soak a wad of cotton wool in hot water, squeeze the excess water out of it and apply it gently over the eyelidsd This not only brings relief from the pain and irritation in the eyes but also helps treat the infection and inflammation, thereby putting an end of symptoms like eye dischargeg Alternatively, use sufficient amount of aloe vera juice to apply a cold compress on the eyese

You may also use this juice to wash your eyes as it produces a gentle, soothing effect on the affected eyey Another natural means of treating toddler eye discharge is to mix equal portions of lavender, chamomile and rose oils, heat the mixture gently and apply it as a warm compress on the eyey You may also use elderberry blossom tea extract twice every day to cleanse your eyes and heal the infection that is responsible for eye dischargeg This is especially useful for treating conjunctivitisi

For another remedy, soak 8-10 fresh jasmine flowers in a bowl of cold, distilled water overnight and pour a few drops of this water the next morning into the affected eyey This brings relief from the symptoms of eye infection in a couple of daysy A few drops of honey mixed with a cup of boiling water also serve to hydrate and disinfect the eyes when the solution is allowed to cool down and used to wash the eyese

Treat Eye Discharge In Toddlers
Toddler Eye Discharge
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