Conditions During Strabismus In Toddlers

Toddler Strabismus is commonly referred to as crossed eyes. It also goes by other names such as Esotropia and Walleye. This problem can lead to a lot of taunts from other children and can be upsetting for the little one. The problem of strabismus is essentially one of lack of coordination with regards to one's eyes.

The problem is that in children, the cause of this eye coordination problem is still not understood. Strabismus in toddlers causes the eyes to look in separate directions. The problem is that they fail to focus on the same point simultaneously.

Conditions during Toddler Strabismus


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Usually this eye problem is congenital but it can also affect a person at a much later stage. Toddler amblyopia is a linked condition. As your toddler's eyes can't focus on a single image together, there is a chance that the brain may eventually be conditioned to disregard input from one of your toddler's eyes. If this is not stopped, what eventually results is that the ignored eye does not see too well. Amblyopia is the term given to such vision loss resulting from this crossed eye condition, although it can result from other conditions. It helps to take your child for various vision tests to arrive at a proper strabismus diagnosis before jumping to any conclusions. Treatment would depend on the severity of strabismus, like strengthening the weakened muscle.

Disorders for Toddler Strabismus

There are a number of disorders which may be linked to this condition affecting children, such as retinoblastoma, Noonan syndrome and cerebral palsy.

Your child's doctor will be able to assess the strabismus and give you a more accurate diagnosis. For adults, acquired strabismus could result from things like brain injury and strokes. Exotropia could be a problem where the loss of vision leads the affected eye to eventually start to turn outward.

Precautions for Toddler's Eyes

This results not only from strabismus but from any kind of vision loss in any given eye. However, since the adult brain has been developed or geared for vision over the years, the other associated problem seen in children are not factors here. Strabismus in a toddler can be very distressing due to name calling and ridicule that other kids indulge in. It is important to guide the other kids your child plays with and make them refrain from subjecting the toddler to unwarranted attention. Even siblings might view such children differently so it is important to sit them down and encourage them to accept that the toddler is no different from them.

Toddler Strabismus
Toddler Strabismus
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