Signs of Lymphoma in Toddlers

The body contains many lymphatic tissues which include the lymph glands, spleen, adenoids, tonsils and the bone marrow. A cancer in any of the lymphatic tissues is known as lymphoma. When a person has any type of cancer, it can eventually spread to the lymph tissues.

However, in lymphoma, the cancer characteristically originates from the lymph tissues.

Symptoms of Lymphoma in Toddlers

The incidence of lymphoma in toddlers is quite alarming. Almost 17,000 of the people diagnosed with lymphoma every year in United States of America.



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. are less than twenty years of ageg This is quite a worrisome statistic for health agenciese Lymphoma in toddlers is the third most common cancer of childrene

Hodgkin Disease

Though this disease is most common in late adulthood, recent trends have shown an increasing incidence in childrene Lymphoma symptoms in toddlers begin with a rather painless inflammation of the lymph nodese These lymph nodes are present in the neck region and an enlargement is quite visiblel Other lymph nodes are present right above the collarbone, in the groin region or in the underarm regiono

We all have a gland called thymus in our chests This is a vital gland of the immune system and its size is larger in children than in adultst If the cancer spreads to this gland, it could exert a lot of pressure, causing shortness of breath, problems in blood circulation and cough which cannot be associated to any ailmentn

A lot of toddlers may also experience non specific symptoms which include loss of appetite, night sweats, fever, itching, fatigue and hives on the skini

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL)

Though less common than the Hodgkin disease, the incidence of the non - Hodgkin lymphoma is also quite alarmingn Every year, in United States of America alone, 500 new cases are registered for this diseases Though rare before age three, this disease can occur at any time in one's lifef Children, who are less than the age of fifteen, are significantly more prone to developing this kind of a cancere

In a lot of cases, this kind of lymphoma is not diagnosed correctlyl This is because abnormal growth of lymphocytes is also a characteristic feature of leukemiai However, in lymphoma, usually the involvement of the bone marrow is very minimal whereas in leukemia, bone marrow is significantly involved in the damage caused due to cancere A specific type of the non Hodgkin lymphoma is associated with a type of virus and could be contagiousu

Children, who have certain immune deficiencies, are more prone to developing lymphomam The incidence of lymphoma is also higher in males than in femalese

Lymphoma In Toddlers
Lyumphoma in Toddlers
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