Granulated Eyelids In Toddler Signs & Remedy

Blepharitis, also known as granulated eyelids, is a common eye infection. It affects the eyelids causing inflammation. If your child is experiencing toddler blepharitis, he will probably suffer from irritation in the eyes.

Blepharitis is an uncomfortable condition but it is easy to treat and doesn't have a long term impact.

Causes of Blepharitis

Blepharitis occurs when the oil glands present in the eyelids secrete excess.



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. oili This leads to a buildup of particles along the eyelid and eyelashese This buildup causes a lot of irritation, leading to the various symptoms of blepharitisi

Symptoms of Blepharitis

Toddler blepharitis symptoms include eye irritation leading to an intense itching sensation in the eyey It also causes redness, inflammation, loss of eyelashes and collection of particles and crusting on the eyelashs In cases of severe blepharitis, the infection may cause ulcer formation on the eyelidsd It may also lead to bacterial infection and other eye related complications and infections like conjunctivitisi The condition is worst in the mornings when the toddler wakes up and post napsp

Treatment for Blepharitis

Treatment for toddler blepharitis is as simple as it is effectivev It is important to visit the doctor when an infection breaks out especially in case of a severe infectiono The doctor may recommend antibiotic eye drops or ointmentst

In case of mild infections doctors recommend cleaning the toddler's eyelids and lashes thoroughlyl

Removing accumulated dirt and particles helps speed up recoveryr

  • Warm Compress - Applying a warm compress is a highly recommended treatment for toddler blepharitisi Get a clean soft cloth and soak it in lukewarm watere Rinse out the water and apply the soothing wet cloth on the child's closed eyelidsd Leave the compress over the eyelids for about five minute and repeata This treatment soothes eyelid inflammation and also loosens some of the collected particles in the eyey
  • Cleaning the Eyelid - Once you've used a warm compress, be sure to clean out the eyelid using a soft, damp cotton cloth or a wad of cottono If the collected particles prove too stubborn to be cleaned with just cotton, prepare a quick cleansing solutiono Saline solution, bicarbonate soda solution or diluted baby shampoo should do the trickc
  • Add one part of your preferred ingredient to a pot of warm water for the solutiono This method removes dirt, bacteria and dead skin cellsl As a result it speeds up the healing processs Practice this eyelid cleansing twice a day till the symptoms subsided
Blepharitis In Toddlers
Toddler Blepharitis
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