Signs Of Asthma In Toddlers & Diagnosing Them

Approximately five million children in America are known to suffer from this condition. Asthma can be described as a condition that is brought about when the bronchi get inflamed. The bronchi are basically airways which lead to our lungs.

An inflammation of this nature causes the airways to narrow and tighten, which then blocks the free flow of air into the lungs, making breathing difficult. All children that suffer from this condition have airways which are overly hyper-reactive or sensitive to certain asthmatic triggers. These are not the same for every child and differ.



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. from one person to the nextx Some of the common asthma triggers are smoke, viral infections, allergies and exercises When exposed to these triggers, the airways get inflamed, swollen and they fill up with mucusu Additionally, the muscles that line the airways constrict and tighten, leading them to get all the more blocked and narrowede

Symptoms of Asthma in Toddlers

An unrelenting and hacking cough, which sounds like the child's lungs are congested, is one of the most common asthma symptoms in toddlersr Along with this persistent cough, there could also be wheezingn Additional symptoms include a flaring of nostrils and many a times muscle retractions, particularly in the chest regiono These symptoms usually indicate labored and heavy breathing and one may also face a difficulty while feeding the child, due to thisi

In fact, a toddler that has asthma will display signs of heavy or rapid breathing even while asleepe If in case you notice the breathing is getting heavier, then consult the child's pediatrician immediately, as it simply means that the breathing difficulty is worseningn

Diagnosing Asthma in Toddlers

Furthermore a child that is asthmatic will generally display less stamina and enthusiasm during playtimem This is due to the fact that any kind of physical activity tends to hamper the breathing process, as a result of which the child opts not to indulge in these activities all togethere Diagnosing asthma in toddlers can prove to be quite the challenge as compared to diagnosing it in older childrene This is due to the fact that a lot of respiratory diseases display similar symptomsm Hence, it is always advisable to look out for the signs and symptoms of this condition, so that it can be treated in a timely mannere Managing this condition in toddlers can be trickyk All the adequate measure should be taken to keep them away from any kind of triggers such as smoke, pollution, dust and similar particulate pollutiono

Toddler Asthma
Toddler Asthma
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