Conductive and Sensorineural Hearing Loss In Toddlers

There are two types of hearing loss in children. Conductive hearing loss (when sound fails to reach the inner ear) and sensorineural, wherein the nerve of the inner ear is damaged. Conductive hearing loss is quite common and is caused by ear infection, perforation of ear drums, the presence of a foreign object in the ear, and a build up of wax or fluid in the middle ear.

Sensorineural hearing loss is caused at birth, by very loud noise, or by certain medications. Conductive hearing loss can be temporary and is curable.


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But, if left untreated, it can lead to a permanent damage to the ear drums.

Signs of Hearing Loss in Toddlers

Hearing loss in toddlers hampers with how and when the child learns to talk thereby hampering his ability to communicate. It's very important to have a toddler's hearing checked time and again. There are many signs of hearing problems in toddlers. If the baby fails to respond when his name is called out, when he has to look at the speaker's face to understand something, if he asks for the volume of television or radio to be increased again and again, has problems listening to stories, asks the talker to repeat something a number of times, and understands fewer words than a baby his age should. Sometimes, toddlers also tend to pronounce only part of words spoken to them because they cannot hear the words completely, especially if the initial letter or syllables are soft.

Right from the time a toddler learns to talk, he tries to imitate words and babble.

If a toddler fails to do both these and also fails to respond to other sounds like music, these should be regarded as signs of hearing loss. If the baby is about two years old but still cannot speak more than five words or respond to questions with yes or no, and does not make out common objects he could be suffering from hearing loss. Toddlers older than that show more signs of a possible hearing loss, like inability to answer who or what questions, failure to form simple sentences, disinterest in simple stories, and asking questions. When one notices these signs of hearing loss in toddlers, one must consult an ENT specialist. However, maybe it's not always a hearing loss but attention problem. If being caused by blockage of ears or ear infection, the doctor could prescribe antibiotics to cure it. Make sure you prevent ear infections and wax in your child

Toddler Hearing Loss Signs
Toddler Hearing Loss Signs
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