Symptoms & Treatment for Toddler Tonsillectomy

Tonsils are not something that most people are unfamiliar with. Almost everyone has heard about them, however, few know what to do when their kids complain of pain in their neck or mouth region.

Tonsils are small clumps of tissue that are present on either side of the throat.

The main function of the tonsils is to create antibodies against the bacteria and viruses that may enter the body through the throat. The tonsils also help fight any infection that may try to invade the body through the mouth.


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Conditions during Toddler Tonsils

Tonsils may get infected themselves by a variety of bacteria. When these organs become infected and start to swell, they can even be seen in the throat using a flashlight. Such a condition is known as tonsillitis. Tonsillitis often appear red and swollen when they are infected. They may also appear to have a white or yellow coating on them.

Apart from the swollen tonsils, some other symptoms of tonsillitis are sore throat, pain while swallowing food or even water, low grade fever and swollen lymph nodes in the neck region. Read more on toddler bronchitis

Symptoms during Toddler Tonsils

A lot of children may experience swollen tonsils. Enlarged tonsils, when left alone, may eventually shrink on their own after several years. However, it is best to show it to a doctor so that a professional opinion can be taken. Most of the times, enlarged tonsils are caused due to infections and therefore, they should be taken care of.

If your child doesn't have any visible swelling but experiences recurrent sore throats or pain in that region, the child may need to be checked by a doctor. These are usually signs of tonsillitis. In most cases, tonsillitis is treated by toddler tonsillectomy or the removal of tonsils.

Treatment for Toddler Tonsils

A surgery for such a small child may be a frightening though for the parents. However, tonsillectomy in toddlers is very common. During this procedure, your child will be given general anesthesia and the tonsils will be removed through the open mouth of the child. The entire procedure may take about twenty minutes and the child remains in the hospital for about 5-10 hours only.

After tonsillectomy toddlers are encouraged to eat ice creams and popsicles to stop any internal bleeding and reduce the swelling and pain.

It is only in specific cases that the child may be detained in the hospital. Children who experience breathing troubles or excessive bleeding are usually detained by the hospital and may be returned to the operating theater.

Tonsil Removal In Toddlers
Toddler Tonsillectomy
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