Various Types of Vomiting In Toddlers

There are a number of reasons why toddlers begin to throw up, the most common of them being an infection of the stomach or digestive tract. There are different types of toddler vomiting, and each symptom is evident of various underlying conditions. A toddler vomiting blood could be extremely alarming for any parent, but it is necessary to first find out the cause of the red streaking that is present in whatever your toddler has just brought up.

Most often, it is cuts in the mouth, or a rupturing of the blood vessels in the esophagus that cause the streaking. A recent nose bleed is another possible cause for streaks of blood that appear in your child's vomit.


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Toddler Vomiting Yellow or Green Vomit

If a toddler is vomiting yellow or green vomit, it is most likely that your toddler is suffering from a stomach infection. In such cases it is advisable to put your toddler on a diet of extremely bland foods that are easy to digest. Ensuring that your child has plenty of water to drink will help in washing out the system of any infectious bacteria that is causing your toddler to vomit violently. Similarly, a toddler vomiting bile is suggestive that your child has gastroenteritis and needs medical assistance. In order to avoid dehydration through violent bouts of vomiting it is necessary that your child be given fluids at frequent intervals. Fruit juices are the best bet because they contain all the nutrition that the body requires to function normally.

Because most bouts of vomiting in toddlers are accompanied by diarrhea, it is best to avoid feeding your toddler milk as a form of nutritious fluids, because milk will only worsen the condition.

Toddler Vomiting Mucus

Toddler vomiting mucus is most often caused by a congestion of the chest during a cold, which leads to the swallowing of mucus that drips into the throat. In any event of vomiting, it is advisable that you disinfect all clothing that your child has soiled without any delay, as the clothes become the carrier of the infection that has affected your child's good health. Washing soiled clothes in hot water is advisable because it ensures the killing of germs. The best possible way in which a parent can help a child who is suffering from bouts of vomiting is by being around for moral support and making your child feel comfortable. This kind of attention requires a parent to be extremely calm, composed and patient, and provide the child with all that the sick child requires.

Types Of Toddler Vomiting
Types of Toddler Vomiting
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