Toddler vomiting yellow/ green liquid and subsequently brown/rustly liquid ?

(February 12, 2010)

While a toddler vomiting should not necessarily be a cause for too much worry, vomit which is accompanied by a yellow/green liquid and is then followed by a brown/rust colored liquid would be. It is imperative that you check with the emergency room right away since that green liquid is probably bile. It could be that the brown/rust colored liquid that you see after the vomit is blood. In this case too, the toddler would have to be immediately packed off and taken to the emergency room. Vomiting regular blood is another reason to get the child to the pediatrician’s office. While the child’s vomit might contain a little bit of blood, it is still unusual and the doctor’s advice should be sought if you continue to see tinges of blood or if the vomit contains more of it. Take a sample of your toddler’s colored vomit to the emergency room since it would be important to assess what is wrong with the little one. This is a serious matter since colored vomit of this sort is not normal and there could be many serious conditions causing it. For instance, intestinal blockages are what could cause the occurrence of green bile. It could be that the colored vomit does not indicate a major problem but it is important the doctor thoroughly check the child and examine the vomit to make a proper assessment. Rather than waiting for it to pass or treating the vomiting at home, it would be in your toddler’s best interest to get to the root cause of the vomiting since many of these conditions that could have led to such vomiting can be ones that necessitate immediate attention.

There are a lot of other emergency situations, wherein the vomiting could be a serious matter for your toddler. One of the important things to look out for when a toddler keeps throwing up is symptoms that this vomiting has led to severe dehydration. This is possible if the child has been left alone for a long time, has been throwing up and has not been drinking any fluids or simply throwing them up again. For this reason, one should always ensure that the toddler makes the effort to take water which has been specially prepared with an electrolyte solution which would keep dehydration at bay. It must be emphasized that green bile and the rusty blood would be a serious matter and the toddler would require immediate care.

Submitted by P T on February 12, 2010 at 12:36

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