Green Diarrhea in Toddlers

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

Toddlers tend to fall sick very often during the early years because of the various changes happening within their bodies. During the first six to eight months, when they start teething, the hormonal changes cause them to develop slight fevers and bouts of diarrhea. Similarly, starting them on new foods also has been known to cause diarrhea because the foods are too complex for their digestive system. There are no color specifications for diarrhea in toddlers, but green diarrhea in toddlers could be alarming. Besides, observing green diarrhea in toddlers could cause a lot of concern to both the parents. The most common cause...


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.for dark green diarrhea in toddlers is because they are passing motions without having eaten anythingn When children are unwell, they lose their appetite and the body does not have anything to digests

The bile juice produced in the body is green in color and this is what gives a soft stool its green coloring resulting in green diarrhea in toddlersr Green poop in toddlers need not give you cause for concern, but it is important that you get your toddler to eat something so that the bile juice can help to digest the food consumed and reduce the amount of green excretat Another common reason for green loose stools in toddlers is the onset of gastroenteritisi In the past, people were advised to stop all solid foods and put toddlers onto a complete liquid diete Nowadays, however, medical study has proven that putting children onto semi solid and non-complex foods would be beneficial in providing the body with the nutrients required to get back to good healtht Besides this, semi solid foods also reduce the amount of loose stools, as compared to completely liquid dietst Diarrhea is something that can drain the body of fluids and thus it is advisable that your toddler be given enough fluids to replenish the bodyd See also yellow diarrhea in toddlers

When a toddler suffers from bouts of diarrhea or there is green diarrhea in toddlers, parents must take care to give their children healthy foods and plenty of liquids to help clear the digestive systeme Foods that are given to the toddler for consumption must be very simple foods that do not contain too many carbohydratese Extremely sweet foods have high calorie content and become very complex for the digestive system to break downw The digestive system is already under strain and to cause it any further strain would be unwises Most importantly, parents must make their toddlers feel as comfortable as possible and assure them that they are going to be alrighth

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