Toddler Fever & Vomiting

Submitted by Nic on January 18, 2012

Vomiting is a common symptom related to fever that is seen among toddlers. It not only causes the child a lot of discomfort but it is also difficult for parents to take care of a toddler fever and vomiting problems. Sicknesses such as toddler fever with vomiting and toddler fever with diarrhea are mainly caused due to the flu or could be indicative of some other health condition such as gastrointestinal disorders or food poisoning. Parents need to know about the different indicators of toddler fever and cough, vomiting, diarrhea and blisters. Some reasons that could cause your child a lot of discomfort during fever include:


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If your toddler has fever and is vomiting there is no need to panic.

  • Respiratory infections or congestion could cause vomiting and nausea among toddlers.
  • Intestinal problems such as bacterial or viral infections may cause vomiting.

  • Consuming substances that are toxic such as medicines and drugs may sometimes induce vomiting.
  • Certain disorders such as appendicitis, pneumonia, and meningitis could also be a reason for vomiting.
  • When a child has fever he may throw tantrums or cry excessively, and this can cause vomiting.

If the vomiting is a one-off instance there is no need for concern; however, if the problem is repeated, then it is best you seek immediate medical attention. Constant vomiting may cause your toddler to get dehydrated, and he/she may be unable to retain any kind of solid food. This could cause your toddler a lot of weakness. Vomiting repeatedly can decrease the body’s fluid levels, and these fluids need to be replenished. This can be done by giving your toddler tender coconut water, citrus juices, and electrolyte solutions so that he/she remains hydrated despite the vomiting. The toddler can be given a small quantity of liquid instead of lots of fluids at one go. This will not only ensure that the toddler is hydrated, but will also soothe the stomach.

As mentioned earlier, toddler fever and vomiting or toddler fever and blisters are not a cause for alarm. However, it is important that parents recognize certain signs and call for medical attention if:

  • The child is lethargic and passes urine that is dark yellow.
  • If the child exhibits signs of dehydration like sunken eyes, delirium, excessive sleepiness, or dizziness.
  • If you notice blood in your child’s vomit.
  • If the child continues to vomit for over a day.
  • In case of dry lips or decreased urination.
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