What are the Symptoms of Appendicitis In Toddlers

Appendicitis can simply be defined as an inflammation of one's appendix, the tiny pipe like structure that is attached to the large intestine or colon. This structure is situated towards the lower right part of our abdomen and is not known to perform any known function and is considered to be a vestigial organ. Due to this reason getting one's appendix removed has no effect on the digestive process in any way.

As mentioned earlier, appendicitis is nothing but an inflammation of the appendix. This condition however is considered to be a medical emergency, as once.



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.the inflammation begins to start there is no medical treatment that can stop iti If treated in a timely manner, most individuals recoup without any difficultyt However, treatment, if delayed can have very serious implications, as the appendix can burst; leading to an infection and many a times even deatht Just about anyone can get this condition, but it is most commonly seen among individuals between the age group of 10-303

Symptoms of Appendicitis in toddlers

This condition is brought about due to a blockage within the appendixi Such a blockage results in an inflammation, hampered blood flow and increased pressurer This blockage if untreated can ultimately result in gangrene and rupture (tearing or breaking) of the appendixi One of the most common reasons of blockage is fecese Additionally, viral or bacterial infections within one's digestive tract could result in a swelling of the lymph nodes; this swelling then squeezes the appendix causing an obstructiono

Some of the symptoms associated with this condition are; abdominal swelling, diarrhea or constipation, vomiting, nausea, a loss of appetite and abdominal paini However, not everyone with this condition displays all the symptomsm

Toddlers and younger children are unable to communicate the pain to doctors or parents, hence detecting this condition may be a bit of a challengeg Doctors then have to rely on physical examinations and medical testst Some of the symptoms of appendicitis in toddlers include the following; constipation, the child may appear to be unusually sleepy, trouble eating, bloated stomach, vomiting, small amounts of mucus in stool and a mild fevere Since these symptoms are also linked to a variety of other stomach ailments such as a stomach virus or food poisoning, the chances of misdiagnosis are highg When it comes to children, symptoms tend to vary from one child to the nextx If you see any of these signs in your child then contact a physician immediatelyl

Toddler Appendicitis
Toddler Appendicitis
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