Treating Tonsillitis in Toddlers

Tonsillitis is a condition in which the tonsils in the mouth are inflamed. Tonsillitis in toddlers is one of the most common problems that occurs and usually, this problem goes away without anything more than a simple fever; however, sometimes it becomes so severe that the tonsils have to be removed. The tonsils are two organs found in the back of the mouth and are located in either corner of the mouth.

These organs serve a very important function as being an immune system outpost in the body. To understand how the tonsils are connected to the immune system requires an understanding of the lymphatic system.


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Tonsillitis In Toddlers

Conditions During Toddler Tonsillitis

The lymphatic system is a parallel system to the vascular or circulatory system of our body. The lymphatic system is basically a filter, where the contents of the blood are squeezed out and pool in the tissues in a fluid called interstitial fluid or lymph. This lymph is then drained into lymph nodes in the body, one of which is the tonsils. At the lymph nodes, filtration and monitoring by the white blood cells and antibodies takes place. If any foreign body is found, an inflammation begins, the lymph node swells, and remains so until the invader is removed.

Toddler tonsillitis occurs mostly because the immune system is still developing. In fact, a toddler's system is so weak that an additional gland called the adenoids are required to bolster the power of the tonsils. These disappear after a certain age when the tonsils are mature enough to take over the task.

Toddlers with tonsillitis will generally face symptoms like fever, difficulty swallowing and breathing, and even pain. The usual way of tackling this problem is to take antibiotics and help the immune system fight the offending pathogen.

Treatment for Toddler Tonsillitis

Most doctors will refrain from surgically removing the tonsils because they are important in preventing upper respiratory tract infections. However, when breathing becomes hampered there is little choice left in the matter. Once the tonsils are removed, the wound heals and there is substantial relief to the patient as well. To prevent tonsillitis, you must ensure that a child is not exposed to disease by ensuring quarantine when there is an outbreak of respiratory tract illness in his playgroup. There is also much to be said about treating infections early and not waiting for things to go bad before showing it to a doctor. Early antibiotics use is the key here.

Tonsillitis In Toddlers
Toddler Tonsillitis
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