Signs of Hand Foot And Mouth Disease In Toddlers & Preventing Them

Hand foot and mouth disease in toddlers is caused by a group of viruses known as coxsackie virus A16. Kids who are in the age group of two to six years are most prone to the hand foot and mouth virus attack. Toddlers are also susceptible to the disease on account of their weak immune system.

The disease is highly contagious and spreads through direct contact of nose and mouth discharges like cough and saliva, fluid from blisters, or the renal discharges of infected child. Therefore, the outbreak of hand foot and mouth.



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.disease in toddlers is very common in nurseries and playgroupsp A child or toddler is most contagious a week before the symptoms of hand foot and mouth disease appeara Therefore, it can be very difficult to predict and take precautionary measurese

As such, there is no treatment for hand foot mouth disease and it automatically goes off after three to six days of infectiono The disease is not serious or critical, but may cause lot of discomfort to toddlersr The virus may take about two weeks to subside completelyl

If your toddler is infected with hand foot and mouth disease, you must call your pediatrician for immediate medical attentiono You must take care to administer sufficient fluids because your child may not be able to consume an adequate diet because of mouth blisters and difficulty in swallowingn You should also increase your toddler's intake of milk, water, and diluted fruit juicese An ice candy can also be very soothing for your toddler's mouth blisters while providing him (or her) with sufficient fluidsd

Symptoms of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease in Toddlers

Some of the common symptoms of hand foot and mouth disease are:

  • Blisters occur in the toddlers' mouth, especially on the tongue and the inner sides of the cheeksk

  • Blisters appear on the hands and feete
  • Mild fevere
  • Pain associated with these blistersr
  • Sore throata

Preventing Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease in Toddlers

  • You can take the following preventive measures to prevent hand mouth and foot disease from spreading:
  • Ensuring proper hygiene in the surroundings of toddlers is highly critical to prevent the disease from spreadingn You must use antiseptic soaps for washing hands, especially after diaperingn
  • Surfaces that have been exposed to your toddler's mouth or renal discharges or fluid from the blisters must be cleaned with a chlorine solutiono
  • Keep the surroundings dry and airyr Allow some sun to come into your toddler's roomo
  • Keep other children away from your infected toddlere
Toddler Hand Foot & Mouth Disease
Toddler Hand Foot And Mouth Disease
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