What Causes Discolored Tooth In Toddlers

he health of their children is one of the biggest concerns that any parent may experience. When children are still young, they have a way of getting into scrapes and injuring themselves. A parent is especially in concerned during this stage of the child's life.

Older children are much more capable of taking care of themselves but the younger ones have to be guided through everything.

Their bodies are still tender and their immunity has not developed fully. Most parents try to keep an eye no their children as much as possible, trying to avoid injuries or sickness. What most parents inadvertently pay less attention to is the oral hygiene of the child.


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Children have to be taught the importance of maintaining good oral health right from their childhood. Dental hygiene is not only important for keeping the teeth of your child in good shape but it also has an important role to play in the overall health of the child.

Toddler teeth discoloration is one of the most common dental problems found in young children. A child who doesn't brush properly may get stains on the teeth. Though poor brushing routine is the number one reason for this discoloration, there are many other reasons why a toddler's teeth may get discolored.

Reasons for Tooth Discoloration in Toddlers

Dome of the most common reasons for children to develop discolored teeth are poor brushing and cleaning habits, excessive fluorine in the diet, infections or germ infestation, tooth decay, injury or trauma to the teeth or gums and certain foods or medications that cause staining.

In most of the cases, this discoloration of the teeth can be treated easily using baking soda and water. Regular brushing - twice a day, using a good toothpaste can also help remove these stains.

You may try to remove these stains using home remedies but in many cases, home remedies may not be enough. In such a case, to treat toddler tooth discoloration, you may need to take your child to the dentist. Most probably, the dentist will be able to correct this problem.

Still, there may be instances where the discoloration of teeth is found to be part of a larger dental problem. In such a case, the toddler may need excessive dental work. Sometimes, if the child has good brushing and cleaning habits, the discoloration may occur due to medications or illnesses. The enamel may also have got damaged. In such a case, only a dentist can suggest corrective measures.

Tooth Discoloration In Toddlers
Toddler Tooth Discoloration
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