Treating Bowlegged Toddlers

Bow legs are a common occurrence in toddlers while their bones are still being structured to perfection. During the first fifteen to eighteen months, all toddlers look more or less bow legged, but the situation will resolve itself by the time your child has completed three years of age. However, certain medical conditions such as Blount's disease, is a factor that affects the normal bone growth of a child.

A mother who is in the habit of carrying her child on her hip is putting the child at risk of shaping the bones of the shin to form bow legs. Because the child's developing bones are constantly wrapped around the waist. A bowlegged toddler will find it rather difficult to balance while taking his first few steps .



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.because of the awkward shape of the legsg Standing in an upright position might cause your bowlegged toddler to hunch or bend at the waist in order to relieve the strain off the lower backc

Toddler bowlegs is a condition that can be effectively treated if arrested early by regular massaging of the legs with oili However, if you do feel that your toddler has bow legs and that the condition is worsening, it is advisable for you to get your child's legs x-rayed, and the x-ray reports shown to a good orthopedic doctor, who will further advise you on what is to be donen However, bow legs can be corrected early by the use of braces as welll The braces support the legs and give the bone direction for growth, helping your child walk normallyl

Treatment for Bowlegged Toddler

One of the oldest recommendations made for the treatment of bow legs is exposing your toddler to the sunu When the skin is exposed to sunlight, it results in an increased production of Vitamin D, which is essential for the healthy growth of bonese Doing this ensures that your child's bone growth is strengthened by the supply of vitamin D to the bodyd During the early stages, if you notice that your child is bow legged, it is advised that you do not force your child to begin walking at an early stage, because the excessive pressure on the legs will worsen the conditiono If you feel that your toddler is over weight and that it is putting excessive pressure on the legs, a pediatrician must be consulted for dietary changes that will help to ease the pressure off the legs, while giving your child the required nutrition for healthy growtht

Bowlegs In Toddlers
Toddler Bowlegs
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