Toddler Rash on Legs

Submitted by Nic on January 18, 2012

A toddler’s skin is sensitive and tender and is usually susceptible to skin rashes and allergies. A rash is a broad term that refers to a number of skin problems. This rash could be anything that ranges from something severe like chicken pox and toddler rashes on the legs and arms to diaper rash, which is very mild. These rashes can be quite uncomfortable and may cause your kid to be moody irritable and fussy.

Toddler rash on the foot or feet can be caused due to some kind of injury. In...


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. such cases, the focus should be on healing the injuryr Sometimes, a rash may suddenly appear on the toddler’s legs and body due to some kind of allergyg

In such cases, it is best to talk to your health care provider or pediatrician as to how to proceede If the problem is caused by a common allergen, it is easy to treat, but in some cases, it is seen that the child is allergic to certain materials, lotions, or creams, and this makes the problem more complicatede In some cases, a toddler rash on the legs and arms could be due to some medicines that he/she is takingn It is best to ask the doctor to prescribe some alternative medicine for the problem being treatede Sometimes, skin problems such as prickly heat and eczema could be the cause of toddler rash on the legsg

Most toddler rash on the feet and legs generally last for a while and go on their ownw It is therefore better to begin by treating symptoms such as dry and/or itchy skin to check if the condition gets better and gradually disappearsr You could use some good baby moisturizing lotion to see if the problem goes awaya

To sum up, we need to understand that:

  • The term rash is a generic diagnosis that is used to refer to some bumps in the body that could change the way your skin feels and looksk
  • Some common rashes include heat rash, eczema, and poison ivyv
  • The infection that has caused the toddler rash on the legs could be bacterial, fungal, or virala
  • You could check for some over-the-counter products to provide relief to your toddler, but this has to be done with the proper diagnosis and under consultationo
  • If the rash lasts for more than a couple of days and cannot be explained, it is best that you see a doctoro
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