Treatment & Conditions of Toddler Rash on Belly

Toddlers have extremely sensitive skin; hence the slightest irritation can result in a breakout. A rash is a very generic term for a large number of skin aliments. For example eczema and hives are also a kind of rash that is caused when the body is hypersensitive to a particular substance.

A rash also commonly referred to as dermatitis can be itchy, scaly, raised, flat, and dry. Additionally, a rash may also appear in the form of pimples, blisters, bumps and lumps. Rash on toddler belly is the term given to the rashes that appear on a baby’s belly.


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This rash could be an indication of several conditions. If the rash is accompanied by fever then it is crucial to consult the child’s pediatrician immediately. Here are a few ways of identifying what a toddler belly rash could be. Check if the rash blanches or turns white on the application of pressure. The best way of doing this is by pressing a glass against the rash and checking if the rash blanches by looking through the glass. If in case the rash does not blanch, then this is something known as pupuric rash or petechial rash. This particular rash generally requires medical attention. It is advisable to mention any rash to the pediatrician when you take your child in for a visit. See also toddler rashes

Treatment for Belly Rash on Toddlers

If the toddler rash on belly takes the appearance of blisters which are clustered or grouped together and the blisters are filled with a golden colored fluid, or if the crust of the blisters is golden in color, then this could possibly be impetigo, also commonly referred to as school sores.

This kind of a rash is extremely contagious and the child will need to be treated with antibiotics. If the rash takes the appearance of raised spots, and the center of the spots are depressed, then this could be a condition known as molluscum contagiosum. This rash occurs very commonly among toddlers. This condition is caused by a viral infection and it generally does not require any medical attention. The rash will subside on it own in a few days time.

Conditions during Belly Rash on Toddlers

If the rash is red, raised, itchy with welts or wheals, then it is probably urticaria.  This condition is brought about due to an allergic reaction to a particular substance. This kind of a rash does not require any serious medical attention and the swellings will subside on their own. However, it is important to determine what caused this kind of an allergic reaction. If you are still unable to figure out what the rash is, or if the rash seems to be getting worse, consult the child’s pediatrician immediately.

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