Types of Toddler Rashes

As a toddler’s skin is tender and sensitive, it is susceptible to skin allergies and rashes. A rash is a generic term that is used to refer to a large number of skin ailments. A rash in toddlers can range from being mild, such as a diaper rash, to severe like chicken pox. The important thing is to identify the rash, so that symptoms can be treated in a timely and adequate manner.

Rashes in toddlers can prove to be a rather uncomfortable situation, for both the child as well as the parents. The severe discomfort caused may make the child irritable, moody and fussy. The most common type of toddler rashes is diaper rashes.


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This kind of a rash is caused when soiled diapers are left on for too long, if the diapers are put on too tight, constant friction being caused by the diaper or when there is a lack of air circulation in the diaper area. This kind of a rash causes the toddler’s skin to turn sore, red, scaly and tender.

Types of Rashes in Toddlers

Petechial rash is another type of rash that occurs in children. This condition requires medical attention, particularly if the rash is accompanied by fever. This rash takes the appearance of purple or red spots that do not turn white or blanch with the application of pressure. Eczema is another kind of skin rash that occurs in children that causes the skin to dry up. Also referred to as atopic dermatitis, this particular kind of rash causes chapped, bumpy and dry areas on the toddler’s skin, particularly around the knees and elbows. However, a more serious form of this condition can cause scaly, swollen, red areas of skin on the entire body.

Another kind of rash is something known as allergic contact dermatitis. This kind of a rash is caused when the toddler comes in contact with some kind of allergen. An allergen is basically something that a person is allergic to. Impetigo is another kind of rash that commonly occurs in children. This is a localized infection that is brought about by a particular type of bacteria. This condition is extremely contagious and needs to be medically treated. Irritant contact dermatitis is another type of rash that is caused when the toddler comes in contact with some kind of an irritant, such as detergent, soap or chemical. This kind of a rash may be itchy, swollen and red. Rashes can increase in size and severity if they are not treated quickly and so immediate care is necessary.

The term “skin rash” refers to several different types of skin ailments.  Though the occurrence of skin rashes may take place in the people of any age group, young kids and toddlers are more susceptible to it as their skin is tender. As a concerned parent, you might be interested in knowing all the facts about skin rashes in children.There are several different types of rashes, and the occurrence of each will depend on the cause. Causes for skin rashes in toddlers are mentioned hereunder.

  • Skin rashes due to a viral disease: Several viral ailments such as chickenpox, measles, and Rubella result in toddler rash all over the body, including the face. The rashes caused by these ailments are associated with mild fever. These rashes do not pose any serious health problem and disappear within a week or so without any treatment. However, antibiotics may be administered by your health care provider in order to safeguard your baby against any bacterial attacks that may occur as a result of a weaker immune system because of the ailment. For soothing the itching sensation for a toddler rash on the face or a toddler rash on the cheeks, you can apply cold compresses or some ointment in accordance with your doctor’s advice. You should be aware that such viral diseases can be easily prevented by vaccines given during first six months to one year after birth.

  • Skin rashes due to bacterial infection: This type of rash is more severe in nature and requires immediate medical attention. If not taken care of in the initial stages, it may be life-threatening for your baby.

  • Skin rashes due to allergies: Some babies tend to be allergic to certain foods that may result in rashes.

    Usually, rashes on toddlers’ stomach occur because of food allergens. In addition to food products, allergies could be due to environmental hazards such as pollution, pollen, etc. If you feel that your baby is allergic to such conditions, you need to take special care in order to protect him/her against these allergens. Here, it would be worth mentioning that some bath soaps may also cause allergy and lead to skin rashes. Toddler rash all over body may be caused by using such products. As soon as you detect any such occurrence, you should immediately discontinue using the product.

  • Skin rashes due to reaction of certain drugs: Some drugs or medicines may have adverse reaction and result in toddler rash all over the body. Reaction to specific drugs may also be fatal. If you observe rashes on your baby’s skin after administering some medicines, you should immediately rush to your doctor for medical help.

  • Toddler rash after fever: In some children, skin boils may occur due to high fever, which, in turn, become rashes. Rash on a toddler’s legs usually occur because of high fever. In some cases, toddler rash on the hands may also occur due to the same reason.

  • Skin rashes due to excessive exposure to sun and heat: Excessive exposure to sun and heat is another very common cause for the occurrence of skin rashes in children. Ultraviolet rays from sun can penetrate into the tender skin of your child, which may lead to sun burns and skin rashes. However, this can be easily prevented. Avoid taking your child out when it is very sunny or hot outside.

  • Skin rashes due to excessive cold: It is worth noting that exposure to excessive cold may also result in rashes. When it is too cold, take the necessary steps to protect your child from the cold.
  • Rashes due to insect bite: Since toddlers’ skin is very sensitive, sometimes, an insect may have a severe effect on the skin and result in rashes. Toddler rashes on the back may occur due to bites of insects such as bed bugs. If you find such rashes on your child, take necessary steps to get rid of bugs and other insects in your home.

  • Rashes due to diapers: Diaper rashes are very common in toddlers due to the moisture in the diaper. You need to take extra care and change the diaper of your child at regular intervals. Toddler rash in the groin region occurs due to wet diapers.

These are some of the common causes of the different types of rashes in toddlers. If you know the cause of the rash, it is always easier to get immediate treatment. Most parents panic when they notice rashes on their baby’s skin,but in most cases, there is nothing to worry about. The only thing to do is to take your child to a pediatrician immediately after you notice the occurrence of rashes. This is necessary because it is only the doctor who can properly diagnose the cause of the rashes and can guide you accordingly.

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