Treatment For Toddler Diaper Rash

All babies suffer from a diaper rash at some point or the other. The condition gets its name, simply because the rash occurs on the skin below a baby’s diaper. A diaper rash can cause severe discomfort and it leads to the child being moody and irritable. This rash generally causes the toddlers skin to turn tender, scaly, red and sore.

Diaper rash in toddlers is basically brought about due to skin irritation. Such kind of an irritation can be caused by a large number of reasons. Leaving on soiled diapers for long, constant friction being exerted on the skin by the diaper, ill fitting or bad quality diapers.


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Introduction of new kinds of food in the child’s diet, can all cause this uncomfortable condition. The plastic that is used in diapers, which stops them from leaking, can also cause a diaper rash. This is because it does not allow room for an adequate amount of air circulation. Thus, it creates a moist and warm environment, which is simply ideal for fungi to thrive in. Read more on toddler rashes

Bad Diaper Rash on Toddlers

A bad diaper rash on toddler may also be the side effect of certain brands of soaps, lotions or baby wipes. The chemicals present in these substances can irritate a toddler’s sensitive skin. Toddler diaper rashes that show no signs of subsiding may gradually develop into a yeast infection. This is a skin condition that is caused by a kind of fungus known as Candida Albicans.

A large number of parents actually confuse a yeast infection with a diaper rash. While a diaper rash is characterized by the skin turning red and sore, the rash that is caused by a yeast infection, takes the form of tiny raised red bumps. One of the best ways of preventing a diaper rash is to keep the toddler’s skin clean and dry at all times. Make sure the toddlers skin is completely dry before putting on a new diaper. 

Treating Diaper Rashes on Toddlers

Do not leave soiled diapers on for long. A toddler’s sensitive skin tends to get easily irritated when it is exposed to urine and feces for long. Thus it is important to change wet or soiled diapers immediately. Try to use cloth diapers at least once in a while instead of the disposable ones, simply because being more breathable, they will allow air circulation. Make sure that the diaper is put on loosely; this will prevent the skin from chafing, while also promoting air circulation

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