What is the best thing for toddler heat rash?

(March 17, 2010)

A heat rash is a rash that is characterized by a red and pimple like appearance on the skin. This usually occurs in areas around the underarms, the neck, or around the inner leg. This is usually a reaction to heat and may be caused when the climate suddenly turns warm or due to a warm and humid environment. Such a rash may appear anywhere on the body, but is usually found in confined areas of the body, like areas near joints.

A heat rash generally indicates that the toddler is not being kept cool. During summer months, it is often difficult for parents to judge the toddler’s reaction to heat. It is always recommended to dress the toddler in loose fitting cotton clothes with plenty of ventilation. When a toddler develops a heat rash, this is a warning to parents as this could develop into a more serious heat related condition. See also toddler rashes

A heat rash is typically caused by an area of the skin that is unable to cool itself down. The body naturally secretes sweat which evaporates, causes cooling. However, when an area is constricted, it may not allow the sweat to evaporate. Excessive sweating then takes place in that area as the area attempts to cool itself. This would lead to clogging of the sweat pores in the skin. When this takes place, the sweat becomes ineffective at cooling. The area then becomes red and prickly as a result. An effect of heat rash is itching. If your toddler shows signs of discomfort, this is a clue that the skin is suffering from a heat rash.

Treat your toddler’s heat rash immediately. During hot and humid weather, bathe your toddler regularly in a cool bath. The general cooling effect of this will help the condition and your toddler may actually enjoy the bath because it brings relief. You must also avoid hot and humid environments as much as possible. If the toddler has been out in the heat, change its clothes when you get home. Mop down the body with a cool damp cloth to clean up the sweat and keep the toddler in a well ventilated and cool place. Cotton clothing is a must in such weather as synthetic clothes tend to trap heat within the body.

You may use prickly heat powders or lacto-calamine cream on heat rashes that are causing distress to your child. Baby powder also tends to have a cooling effect on the skin and may be used as a preventative measure for heat rash.

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