Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings with it numerous challenges that alter the way a woman thinks forever. She becomes a mother right from the time she conceives and would definitely not leave any stone unturned to ensure that her baby receives the best that she can offer.

In spite of the many changes that take place in her body – be it emotional, hormonal or physical, a woman deals with them in order to ensure the safety of her little baby.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy


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Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy is one of the main challenges faced by expectant mothers. Most women are very particular about their appearance and a slightest gain in weight would cause much anxiety. However, healthy weight gain during pregnancy is a must for the well being of the developing baby. Proper weight gain during pregnancy can be monitored through the consumption of a nutritious balanced diet, essential for promoting proper growth of the developing baby. Fresh fruits and vegetables are an excellent snack as well as a good source of nutrition that help in boosting the immune system. In addition, they are rich in fiber and not difficult to digest. Hence, they do not cause a strain on the digestive system. Nuts, fish, lean meats and poultry are other good dietary options.

Foods rich in folic acid, calcium and iron are especially important so as to prevent birth defects and to ensure strong bones and teeth and sufficient blood production. Regular exercise will also help in keeping a check on excessive weight gain. Walks are an ideal, non-strenuous method of controlling unhealthy weight gain. Exercise also decreases the strain on the back and various joints while keeping them flexible, thus reducing pain and discomfort.

Average Weight Gain During Pregnancy

The average weight gain during pregnancy is 23-25 pounds with approximately 8 pounds accounting for the weight of the baby and the remaining owing to the weight of the increased volume of blood, amniotic fluid, maternal tissue and enlarged breasts and uterus. The expected weight gain during pregnancy is approximately a pound for each month of the first trimester followed by half a pound for each week of the second trimester, ending with a pound each for every week in the third and final trimester. Hence, the monthly weight gain during pregnancy would be approximately a pound each for the first three months, two pounds per month of the second trimester followed by 4-5 pounds for the last three months of the pregnancy, leading up to delivery.

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Weight Gain During Pregnancy
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