What To Expect When You Are 25 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy, as we all know, is divided into three trimesters. The first trimester is week 1 to week 12, the second trimester is from week 13 to week 27, and the third from week 28 until week 40 (or before depending on when the baby is delivered).

We also know that of the three trimesters, the second one is the most enjoyable and least stressful time for a woman. Let's take a quick look at how the mother is faring during her pregnancy week 25.

Pregnancy Week 25 Symptoms


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At 25 weeks, you are in your second trimester, which means the morning sickness and tiredness are a thing of the past. You have finally adjusted to the changes in your body and at 25 weeks you are definitely showing that gorgeous baby bump.

This is relatively the most trouble free period as a pregnant woman. In a normal healthy pregnancy you should have no physical complications during this week, except for the incessant itch around your abdomen. You stomach is stretching by week 25 which means the stretch marks have formed making the abdominal area extremely itchy. Massaging the skin with cocoa butter or olive oil is known to relieve the itchy feeling. However, before you apply any cream on your stomach, do ensure that you're not allergic to it.

Some other pregnancy week 25 symptoms you may experience include backache, constipation, leg cramps, heartburn, and Braxton Hicks contractions.

Pregnancy Week 25 Weight Gain

At pregnancy week 25, your baby is fully formed physically. Now the entire nutrition and food intake by the mother is aimed at brain growth and body strengthening.

Ideally, weight gain at week 25 should be about one pound. In fact starting from week 25 it is best if you gain only about a pound a week.

The weight gain during pregnancy depends upon a woman's body mass index (BMI) before pregnancy. If you were underweight, you should and can gain 30 to 40 pounds during pregnancy. If your BMI is normal then you should aim for 25 to 35 pounds weight gain and if your BMI is above the normal range then ideally the weight gain should be limited to 25 pounds or even as little as 15 pounds if you can manage it.

Pregnancy Week 25 Ultrasound

At week 25, your baby will be roughly 9 inches long and should weigh about a pound and a half. The capillaries are beginning to form under the skin, so your baby will have a wrinkled and red appearance. In fact, while moving about inside the mother’s womb, the baby may even suck on his/her little fingers. The ears are developing, so you will notice reflex movements of the baby in response to various sounds in a Pregnancy week 25 ultrasound. Pregnancy week 25 is the pregnancy week when your baby's nostrils begin to open.

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