Symptoms & Weigh Gain During the 37th Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy week 37 weight gain in the baby is steady and rapid especially in the latter part of the pregnancy. In fact the longer the baby stays in the mother’s uterus the heavier he will be at the time of birth. The layers of accumulated fat will ensure that the baby is healthy and safe at the time of his birth.

At pregnancy week 37 the baby tends to weigh almost 6.3 pounds and is usually 19.1 inches long. Most women are considered to be full term between pregnancy week 37 and week 42. By pregnancy week 37, the pregnant woman will gain almost 18 to 35 pounds.


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Week 37 Of Pregnancy

Quite a few women will notice that from pregnancy week 37 onwards their uterus will stop growing and they will weigh approximately the same till the delivery day.

Pregnancy Week 37 Symptoms

A common pregnancy week 37 symptom experienced by women is an increase in the eagerness to actually have the baby. Pregnant women in week 37 are also advised to get themselves pre registered at a hospital and also discuss their preferences and queries about their labor and delivery with their doctor. Pregnancy week 37 cramping is observed in some cases and is no cause for concern unless the pain is unbearable and accompanied with some amount of bleeding. In such cases the doctor should be immediately notified. Many doctors also recommend that women who are in pregnancy week 37 should undergo a Group B strep test.

Group B is a kind of bacteria that is known to live in the area surrounding the rectum or in the vagina. In case a woman is confirmed as being infected with Group B strep bacteria then there are chances of the baby also getting infected by the bacteria at the time of labor and birth. Group B strep bacteria are known to cause an infection of the bloodstream called sepsis along with pneumonia and meningitis which is a disease that’s adversely affects the lining that surrounds the brain. Taking the group B strep test during pregnancy week 37 itself will allow the doctor to take an appropriate corrective action in the form of antibiotics that need to be taken before and during labor.

Additionally during pregnancy week 37 there is an increase in the amount of vaginal discharge and a presence of cervical mucus is also noticed in this discharge. This is just a sign that the body is preparing itself for labor and in the weeks to come the mucus plug may also be lost.

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