Causes of Spotting at 26th Week of Pregnancy

By Kieth | December 1, 2011
Spotting At 26 Weeks Pregnant

It is only natural for a woman to get highly concerned on noticing spots of blood on tissue or her underwear during the course of pregnancy. This is because spotting could be a sign that something is wrong with the baby or the pregnancy. Fortunately, since the 26th week of pregnancy falls in the second trimester, the risks of losing the baby are considerably lower.

Spotting in the 26th week of pregnancy could occur because of several reasons, some of which include vaginal exams, physical exertion or sexual intercourse. However, at times, spotting at 26 weeks pregnant could also be an indication of a problem with the placenta, or an infection. Therefore, it is always advisable to speak to a health care provider about it and preferably undergo a checkup. In case the spotting is accompanied by cramps, or turns to light or heavy bleeding, it needs to be checked by a doctor immediately.

Brown discharge at 26 weeks pregnant

The appearance of brown discharge could occur at any time during the course of pregnancy. Brown discharge usually means that the body is getting rid of old blood, which is rarely a cause for concern. In case it happens during the first few weeks, it is a sign of implantation, which is the fertilized egg attaching itself to the wall of the uterus. However, in the second trimester, brown vaginal discharge can be seen after engaging in sex or undertaking any other form of strenuous physical activity. However, a doctor should be informed in case of spotting at any time of during theĀ  pregnancy. If the discharge is heavy or pinkish in appearance, it is a cause for concern and should be checked by a doctor immediately.

Cramping at 26 weeks pregnant

It is a well-known fact that abdominal cramps are a common occurrence during the first trimester of pregnancy. However, most women are not sure if cramps during the 26th week are a normal occurrence or not. Mild and occasional cramping in the second trimester is not a cause for concern, as long as it is not accompanied by spotting, bleeding, vaginal discharge or diarrhea. However, in case the cramping is persistent, severe or goes on for a long time (more than a couple of hours), consult a doctor without any delay.

Implantation bleeding at 26 weeks pregnant

Implantation bleeding occurs during the initial stages of pregnancy, when an egg that has been fertilized gets implanted into the uterine wall lining. This is a very common sign of pregnancy and is not a cause for concern. However, it is important to remember that implantation bleeding occurs only in the initial stages. Bleeding in the 26th week of pregnancy cannot be caused by implantation and may indeed be a sign of a major complication, or perhaps even miscarriage. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to visit a doctor in case bleeding is noticed in the 26th week.

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