is light spotting or pinkish bleeding comman in 18 weeks of pregnancy. Last week I had lower back pain and lower abdominal pain with constipation. Now I'm spotting but not in pain.

(October 26, 2010)

A pregnancy is a beautiful phase and every expectant mother prays for all to go well through the 40 week term. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for complications to spring up during the course of the pregnancy. This can be an extremely trying period for both, the mother and father alike. Spotting during pregnancy may be one of such complications since menstrual bleeding ceases on conception. Bleeding, spotting or streaking at 18 weeks pregnant is not common. In most cases, it would be caused by a strain on the blood vessels in the cervix due to increased blood flow and the weight of the developing baby and expanding uterus. Some women are known to spot throughout the pregnancy term without any implications. However, no form of bleeding should be taken lightly as it may be indicative of pregnancy complications.

While pregnant, most women find it difficult to distinguish between pain related to bowel movement and pregnancy related discomfort. The hormonal changes during a pregnancy make the digestive system sluggish. This often causes heartburn and indigestion and in turn, leads to irregularities in bowel movement. In addition, the consumption of iron supplements and lack of physical exercise are also known to increase the chances of constipation. In an effort to eliminate stools from their system, expectant mothers often exert pressure. This may cause a rupture in the blood vessels in the cervix and at the mouth of the anus. This is not a very serious issue and can be handled with ease. The consumption of whole grains, vegetables and fruits is highly recommended at such times as they are rich in fiber. Besides this, they also provide the body with several nutrients and are easy to digest. Fatty and spicy foods as well as meats should be avoided as they may aggravate the condition. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day also ensures that the stools remain soft and easy to pass, thus reducing strain on the colon.   

At times, lower back and lower abdominal pain during pregnancy may be indicators of early labor suggestive of possible pregnancy loss, especially when accompanied by pregnancy spotting. Most women tend to ignore these symptoms and are known to regret it later. Stress is known to aggravate any condition and should be avoided completely. Remaining composed and logical goes a long way in minimizing pregnancy risks. In addition, exertion should be avoided at all costs and maximum rest is advisable. Consulting your gynecologist at the earliest is recommended so as to rule out serious pregnancy complications. 

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