What happens in First Trimester of Pregnancy?

The first trimester during pregnancy comprises of the first three months or first twelve weeks. This twelve week period brings about changes for a pregnant mother in more ways than one. Some common first trimester problems include bleeding during the first trimester, cramping, spotting , vomiting, nausea and weight gain during the first trimester of the pregnancy.

The first trimester pregnancy weeks can be an apprehensive period for both parents and the growing child. The first trimester pregnancy sings are an indication of how your pregnancy will unfold as your body responds to new changes within your body.



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.The first signs of pregnancy include missed period, morning sickness, tender breasts and nipples, increased frequency of urination, and curious food cravings and hunger pangsg

A pregnancy test is the best way to confirm your doubts about possible pregnancyc Some indications of pregnancy can be more difficult for young mothers who experience abdominal cramps, vaginal bleeding or spottingn Such situations can make young mothers think worse of the situations leading to unnecessary stresss A gynecologist is the best person to help you understand the reasons behind every response your body generates to accommodate a growing fetusu A week by week pregnancy chart will help young parents understand the changes bettere

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Apart from the conception of you baby, most important decisions regarding your child identity takes place during this crucial periodo The gender of the child is determined as the sperm fuses with the egg in the fallopian tubeb The type of fusion also determines the possibility of single child, twins or tripletst Such important changes take place within a young mothere Mood swings, spotting, vaginal bleeding, breast soreness are some expected conditions but can be treated with professional help to help you have a smooth pregnancyc

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The baby transforms from a sprout to an embryoy The first heart beats can be heard during this periodo This period of pregnancy experiences the development of the umbilical cord, eyes, ears and small projections that will form hands and legsg Morning sickness and hunger pangs can be among the most common experiences during this periodo Bleeding and spotting during this period must be discussed with your caregivere

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A pregnant mother can experience weight gain by the completion of the first trimestere It is normal for young mother with a single baby to gain up to 25 to 35 pounds while mother carrying twins may gain up to 35 to 45 poundsd With the completion of the first trimester the baby can now be called a fetusu The crucial development has already taken place within these three monthsh Nausea, morning sickness and other discomforts will settle down by this period of timem

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