Symptoms during the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

The third trimester or the last three months of your pregnancy is an important period in time. The third trimester comprises of week 27 to week 42. Third semester can be an anxious period as you wait to see your baby in your hands.

By the third semester the common pregnancy problems such as nausea, diarrhea, cramps, bleeding and vomiting is likely to stabilize. Weight gain in the third trimester of pregnancy is likely given that your growing baby requires additional nutrition.

Pregnancy Third Trimester Week 27 to Week 30


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Pregnancy Third Trimester Week 27 to Week 30

Your baby is now able to open and close his eyes and his lungs are now capable of breathing air. The baby develops a scalp full of hair and the baby’s hair also gains color. The baby is tucked in a fetal position with legs folded close to the chest. Your baby’s bone marrow begins production of red blood cells. As your baby occupies more space you can feel your baby’s movements more clearly. You can now sense a somersault, moving hand or gentle kick quite clearly.

Pregnancy Third Trimester Week 31 to Week 34

Your baby now weighs over 3 pounds and will weigh more than 4 and half pounds at the end of week 34. Your baby will be around seventeen inches long by the end of week 34. Half of your weight gain will be directly shared between you and your baby. Your baby is developing immunities to mild infection.

Your baby now tends to gain weight and skin begins to turn red as your baby accumulates fat deposits under the skin.

Pregnancy Third Trimester Week 35 to Week 38

Your baby weighs around five pounds at the beginning of week 35 and will continue to gain weight as your delivery date inches forward. Your baby’s knees and elbows may develop dimples now. The position of the baby is an important consideration at this point in time. If your baby is in breech position or if the umbilical cord appears to have coiled around your baby your care provider will help you understand the different options available to you at the time of delivery.

Pregnancy Third Trimester Week 39 to Week 40

Your baby is now ready to make its way out. The vernix that protects the skin dissolves while the bowels fill with black sticky meconium your baby will pass as the first stool. Your baby may now weigh over seven pounds now. All the organs are fully developed and ready to function on their own.

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