Stress During Pregnancy and Treating Stress During Pregnancy

Medical experts are of the opinion that pregnant women and expectant mothers must reduce their stress levels in order to protect their young ones from developing behavior and mental problems later in life. It is believed that cutting down on stress during pregnancy can help in preventing hundreds of children from developing anxiety or depression and emotional problems such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

One particular study has revealed that.



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Stress can lead to infertility

.the effects of stress during pregnancy on the baby can last for a number of years, way into adolescencec

The study also suggested that stress during early pregnancy may even bring about violence and criminal behavior in childrene Although stress is a part of daily life, it is important it under control especially during pregnancy considering the harmful effects it can have on the mother and fetusu In order to relieve stress during pregnancy it is important that the pregnant woman readjusts her lifestyle in order to minimize the effects of stress in her life and also adopt specific maneuvers and recreational activities in order to change the way she may feele

Treating Stress During Pregnancy

  • It helps to take a closer look at one's daily life schedules when dealing with stress during pregnancyc If certain activities during the day bring about stressful feelings and physical exertions, it is important to strike them out from your daily schedule at least until your baby is bornr
  • As the pregnancy progresses, it makes more and more demands on the body and causes physical as well as emotional stresss

    Hence it is important to cut out on a busy and demanding lifestyle in order to make more time for rest and relaxationo It is vital that the pregnant woman experiences more rest and sleep and concentrate on a balanced diete
  • Another important point to remember that many elements in a pregnancy is not within the realm of control such as morning sickness, overwhelming fatigue and other mental and physical stressese Hence it is important to give up control over the lifestyle that you would have worked hard in order to attain over the yearsr
  • Relaxation and exercise are believed to be the ideal methods of coping with daily stressors and it can help you to feel energetic while alleviating the insight he and the stress related to the upcoming labor and deliveryr
  • Talking to your partner and communicating with him can help in reducing some of the stress and that may be on your mindn A strong support group comprising family and friends are also helpful in dealing with stressful situationsn
Stress During Pregnancy
Stress During Pregnancy
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