Get Relief from Heartburn During Pregnancy

Heartburn during pregnancy is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy that most women tend to experience at some point or the other while they are pregnant. Although this is a harmless symptom of pregnancy it generally leads to a lot of discomfort to the woman.

Heart burn is also known as acid reflux or acid indigestion which is experience by pregnant women at times in the form of a burning sensation that usually starts from the bottom of ones breastbone right up to the lower throat.

Causes of Heartburn During Pregnancy


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One of the main causes of heartburn during pregnancy are the physical and hormonal changes that occur in the woman’s body. When a woman is pregnant the placenta tends to produce a hormone that is known as progesterone which relaxes the muscles of the uterus as well as the valve which tends to separate the esophagus from the stomach. This relaxation of the valve in turn allows the gastric acids to seep back up into the throat which in turn causes the burning sensation resulting in pregnancy heartburn. Usually pregnant women tend to complain of indigestion as well as heartburn in the latter part of the pregnancy once they  move into their second trimester.

Heartburn During Pregnancy Relief, Treatment, Home Remedies

Heartburn during pregnancy relief can be gained by eliminating foods and drinks that are known to cause one some amount of abdominal distress. Typically a heartburn during pregnancy treatment would involve avoiding the intake of foods such as alcohol, carbonated drinks, chocolates as well as acidic fruits such as citrus and so on. As part of the heartburn during pregnancy home remedies one should also try and avoid foods that have vinegar, mustard, fried or fatty foods  etc. Another one of the natural remedies for heartburn during pregnancy is to try and chew some gum after a meal. This is effective because chewing gum tends to stimulate the salivary glands and this saliva in turn can be effective in neutralizing the acid which results in heartburn in pregnant women.

Similarly heartburn during pregnancy relief can also be gained by not drinking overly large quantities of fluids during ones meals as this will distend ones stomach resulting in heartburn. Another one of the heartburn during pregnancy treatments is to avoid eating large meals thrice a day while one is pregnant and instead eat smaller meals throughout the day. Additionally while eating one should also ensure that they are not in a hurry and they should chew their food thoroughly.

One of the heartburn during pregnancy home remedies is to eat lots of yogurt and as well as drink plenty of milk as this foods are known to provide relief from the heartburn symptoms during pregnancy. One may also add some honey to their milk as this is known to minimize the burning sensation associated with heartburn during pregnancy. Heartburn during pregnancy relief can also be gained by ensuring that pregnant women do not eat very close to their bed time and instead should consume their food at least three hours before they go to sleep for the night as this will give the food sufficient time to digest. Pregnant women should also ensure that they do not smoke while they are pregnant as smoking is known to boost the levels of stomach acidity thereby resulting in heartburn during pregnancy. Although there are some over the counter antacids that are available to combat heartburn during pregnancy, medications should only be consumed by pregnant women if they are prescribed by their doctor. Heartburn during pregnancy can also be avoided by not wearing clothes that are too tight or tend to pinch into the waist.

Heartburn During Pregnancy
Heartburn During Pregnancy
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