What Causes Numb Hands During Pregnancy At Night

During pregnancy, an expectant mother has to face a number of problems that alter the normal course of her life. Most of these changes are inevitable because of the physical and hormonal changes that a pregnant woman experiences. Little can be done to avoid them completely but a few measures can be taken to minimize the discomfort caused by them.Many women experience the complication of a numb body during pregnancy.

The main cause of the tingling or twitching sensation experienced during pregnancy is a calcium deficiency. The need for calcium, to meet the developmental needs of an unborn baby, is tremendous.


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It is crucial for the development of strong bones and teeth as well as for the proper functioning on the nervous system. If the baby does not receive sufficient calcium, the mother’s calcium store is directed towards the baby. This often results in numbness or tingling experienced in various parts of the body. To fight this problem, calcium rich foods such as milk, spinach and salmon are recommended. In most cases, calcium supplements may also be prescribed.

Water retention, leading to numbness is another common complication during pregnancy. In some pregnant women, this excess water exerts pressure on various nerves, resulting in a tingling or burning sensation, and sometimes, pain may also be experienced. Swollen and numb hands during pregnancy are more often than not a sign of severe water retention. Numb hands during pregnancy could also be caused by a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome, triggered by water retention.

In this case, body tissue swells up and the nerves that pass through the wrists get pressed. This primarily results in numbness of the fingers. In some cases, the nerves in the arm get compressed resulting in numb arms during pregnancy. Numb hands at night, during pregnancy could further affect the expectant mother’s sleep pattern at this phase in life where sufficient rest is of great importance. Drinking plenty of water and regular exercise will go along way in curbing water retention.

A numb face during pregnancy, usually observed only on one side of the face, could be triggered by a condition called Bell’s palsy. In this condition, a facial nerve gets affected resulting in temporary facial paralysis. This condition is generally seen in the third trimester of pregnancy and usually exists for a few weeks postpartum. Whatever the area of numbness, consulting a doctor is recommended so as to avoid further complications.

Numb Hands During Pregnancy
Numb Hands During Pregnancy
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