Clumsiness During Pregnancy

You trip or fall, or a cup manages to easily slip down your fingers and break into pieces? “Slip, trip, plop and drop” - are these your newly developed tendencies? Do you feel sloppy or clumsy, and do you find that your fingers have suddenly become buttery?

Well, clumsiness is common during pregnancy, especially when you are in your last trimester.

Causes of Clumsiness During Pregnancy

Pregnancy induced clumsiness, or PIC as it is commonly called is unintentional and just a temporary phase.


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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome During Pregnancy

It is a side-effect of various pregnancy aspects like water retention, loosening of the joints, loss of concentration, and loss of dexterity because of carpal tunnel syndrome can all contribute to this condition.

The placenta releases a hormone known as “relaxin” which relaxes your muscles and ligaments, and loosens your joints too. Similarly, water retention in your hands and feet can affect your grip and sense of perception.

In pregnancy, even a simple balancing act may seem completely impossible. Most common hormonal changes may also compel you to drop things.

It is not that serious to drop things unless you end up falling down and injuring yourself seriously. Any fall can become severe, so remember to be cautious all the time.

Remember, in case you tumble or fall down in any way, your baby will be protected by your bony pelvis and the water sac. However, it is advisable that you contact your doctor and undergo a full check-up to ensure that you and your baby are safe even after the fall.

In case you notice symptoms like swollen hands, legs, headaches, blurred vision, nausea or upper abdominal pain, you need to inform your doctor immediately as these indicate a condition called preeclampsia.

Being clumsy is a by-product of pregnancy; however, inner ear problems, infections or viruses can also contribute to this condition. You need to find out from your doctor if the clumsiness that you face is because of pregnancy or due to other reasons.

Remedies for Clumsiness During Pregnancy

Although you cannot do much about it, here are some precautionary steps that you can follow:

  • Walk slowly. Use comfortable footwear. While proceeding to take a shower or if getting out of your bath-tub, be very careful and ensure that you do not lose your balance.
  • Keep the hallways and staircases of your house water-free, and remove objects that are in the way to prevent tripping over them and falling down.
  • Avoid crowded places and too much of travel.

Do not get worried by this condition; it will fade as soon as the baby comes into your arms. In case it persists, consult a doctor to find out the cause, and address it at the right time.

Clumsiness During Pregnancy
Clumsiness During Pregnancy
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