How To Relieve Nipples Burning During Pregnancy

While pregnant, a woman’s body undergoes several changes. One of these changes is the way the breasts behave. During pregnancy, the breasts become extremely sensitive, sore and tend to swell up.

Even routine things such as walking fast, jogging or other forms of exercise may lead to breast pain, as well as the nipples burning in early pregnancy. Great discomfort may be experienced even if something or someone brushes against them lightly. At times, normal handling, like during a bath or putting on a bra may also result in pain.


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Many women are known to be unable to sleep on their tummies during pregnancy as well as postpartum because of the discomfort left behind by the pressure put on the breasts while doing so. Nipple pain during pregnancy is also commonly experienced. All these factors occur due to the hormonal changes that take place in a woman’s body as a result of pregnancy.

Many women have a common complaint of their nipples burning during first trimester of their pregnancy. The production of the hormones estrogen and progesterone increases manifold in order to prepare the body for the arrival of the baby. The baby’s major requirement after birth is breast milk. These hormones prepare for this by ensuring that the breasts get a good supply of blood and the mammary glands get activated. The veins in the breasts get engorged with blood and this is mainly responsible for nipples burning during pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, the areolas begin to get bigger and darker and small bumps appear all around the nipple. Women feel pain and tenderness even after delivery and often describe this pain as nipples burning while breastfeeding. Improve latching techniques could be the cause for this pain.

Leaving the nipples moist and cracking of the nipples could also result in burning nipples.

The best method to minimize the discomfort caused by breast changes is to wear bras that fit well. Visiting a maternity store for this is recommended. Since breast size is bound to increase during pregnancy, opt for a comfortable size in bras made of a soft cotton fabric. Avoid bras with under wires. Tight bras with seams would definitely increase the discomfort and are more likely to result in chaffing which could be the cause of the nipples burning while pregnant. Towards the end of your pregnancy term, consider buying nursing bras as they will come handy once the baby arrives. If the breasts are very sore, a warm bath may help to relieve the pain. After breastfeeding, to reduce the pain, a cold compress may come handy. Keeping the nipples dry and lightly massaging the nipples with coconut oil would also prove beneficial.

Burning Nipples When Pregnant
Nipples Burning During Pregnancy
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