Preventing High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

There are a number of routine checks that need to be taken and one of them is to check for high blood pressure during pregnancy. A regular check of the blood pressure of the pregnant woman is critical for the mother's health as well as for the baby.

High blood pressure during early pregnancy along with presence of protein in the urine can point to a dangerous condition known as preeclampsia.

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High Blood Pressure After Pregnancy

.how it affects pregnant mothers and the fetus, it is important to understand the role of blood pressure during pregnancy - by the end of

the second trimester the pregnant woman produces more than a liter of blood which needs to be pumped by the heart throughout the bodyd This additional activity which needs to be taken by the body can cause the pregnant woman to feel warmer than usuala

The additional blood generated is necessary to channelize nutrients and oxygen to the fetus through the placenta; while the umbilical cord ensures that the waste products are taken awaya High blood pressure during late pregnancy can decrease the growth of the fetus and increase the risk of premature deliveryr

If you are suffering from high blood pressure prior to pregnancy, your gynecologist may recommend you to take medicines to keep it under control during pregnancy in order to keep the baby safef In certain cases if the blood pressure is beyond the normal reading, the pregnant woman might have to be admitted to the hospital in order to control the condition and monitor the baby's performancec In most cases after delivery the blood pressure returns to normal but it usually takes a number of weeks for it to happen and for any swelling of the extremities to settle downw

It is important to keep a close watch on the blood pressure in the first 48 hours after delivery and even later during postnatal visitst

Prevent High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Some important steps to take, in order to prevent high blood pressure during pregnancy:

  • Maintain a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables and ensure that you receive the necessary vitamins nutrients and other antioxidants through foodo
  • Refrain from leading a sedentary life during pregnancyc Ensure that you receive your daily exercise regular walks or simple stretching, through the advice of your medical expertr
  • Control the intake of salt in your diet especially during pregnancyc
  • Reach out for medical help if you feel faint and dizzy or suspect that you are experiencing high blood pressure from the symptomsm
  • Always maintain your antenatal appointments the matter how you feele
  • Ensure that your blood pressure and urine levels are checked at each appointmentn
High Blood Pressure In Pregnancy
High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy
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