Could my untreated high blood pressure been causing my miscarriages?

(March 17, 2010)

A miscarriage is defined as the automatic abortion of pregnancy in a mother within 20 weeks of conception. This is the natural termination of pregnancy that is caused by a variety of environmental and health factors.

A miscarriage can occur in the form of a failed abortion, where the fetus stops growing but remains in the body of the mother for a few weeks until bleeding commences. It can also occur in the form of an ectopic pregnancy where the fetus develops in the fallopian tube and the pregnancy ends because of the constrictions of the area. This is a more dangerous situation because it leads to increased risks for the mother. There may also be a miscarriage due to an empty sac, where the sac has been formed but the fetus does not begin to grow in it.

Miscarriages may occur due to genetic defects in the fetus which causes the body to naturally react and end the pregnancy. In many cases an extremely early miscarriage takes place when the body rejects the fetus because it has some genetic defect which could cause disabilities and abnormalities in the fully developed baby. It is often mistaken to be a late period when in fact it is a miscarriage.

A heavy physical injury can also cause a miscarriage. This may be in the form of a car crash or a heavy fall where an impact is felt on the stomach which could potentially damage the uterus and the fetus inside it.

It is essential for a normal pregnancy and delivery that the mother is healthy and follows a healthy lifestyle. High blood pressure is known to cause miscarriages. It may not be the ultimate final factor that causes the miscarriage to take place but it is known to be a contributing factor. If the mother has a chronic blood pressure problem it is essential to consult a doctor before attempting to get pregnant. Pregnancy puts the body under severe strain and it is unadvisable to do something that would strain the body before being properly prepared for it. Blood pressure medication can also cause complications with the fetus. Make sure that your doctor has prescribed you the right kind of medication to control your symptoms without affecting your child. High blood pressure is also linked to stress and avoiding stressful situations is extremely important during pregnancy.

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