Miscarriage Risk and Chances in Multiple Pregnancies

A twin pregnancy is detected prior to the delivery though blood tests or ultrasounds tests. A twin pregnancy will lead to many of the usual symptoms of pregnancy such as heartburn, nausea, vomiting, insomnia and fatigue. However, due to the presence of twins, the symptoms may intensify.

The risk of miscarriage in twin pregnancies is higher than that of a single pregnancy. However, a large number of twin pregnancies are successful and lead to the birth of healthy babies. Read more on twin pregnancy week by week


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Miscarriage Risks, Chances

As in the case of any pregnancy, the risk of miscarriages is generally higher in the first trimester. In some cases one baby may be lost. In such cases, the loss of one twin may not necessarily hamper the growth of the other baby. The lost fetus is absorbed entirely by the mother without causing any symptoms. This occurrence is referred to as vanishing twin syndrome. In case of identical twins a miscarriage is more likely to occur if the conditions are not proper. There are other complications as well that may occur in case of twin pregnancies. About half of all pregnant mothers carrying twins, experience premature labor and give birth before the 37 week gestation period. High blood pressure during pregnancy, referred to as gestational hypertension is also known to occur more commonly in case of multiple pregnancies. Women that are carrying twins are three times as likely to develop pre-eclampsia. This is a disorder of the placenta which usually takes place in last few weeks of gestation. Symptoms include high blood pressure, swelling and presence of protein in the urine.

It may require premature delivery of the baby. In case of twin pregnancies, this condition tends to occur earlier and with greater severity.

Multiple Pregnancies

Another serious condition that occurs more commonly in multiple pregnancies is placental abruption. Here the placenta becomes detached from the uterine walls before delivery can take place. This condition is associated with smoking, drug use and malnutrition during pregnancy. Sometimes the twins may not grow at a healthy rate leading to a condition called fetal growth restriction. This can create complications during labor and delivery. Many twins born in this manner are smaller in size, but still healthy. Twin to twin transfusion syndrome occurs when one of the twins shares the blood supply of the other twin. As a result one baby receives an excess of blood, while the other baby receives too little. Early detection and laser treatment are used to correct this condition.

Miscarriage Of Twins
Miscarriage Twins
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