Types of Miscarriage at 14 Weeks

A miscarriage is a failed pregnancy that ends before the baby is capable of survival outside the mother's womb. This may occur early or late in the pregnancy. Miscarriages before 14 weeks of pregnancy are more common that late miscarriages. Majority of miscarriages occur in the first trimester of pregnancy that is during the initial 12 to 13 weeks.

The risk of miscarriage after 14 weeks is lower. In first trimester miscarriages, most often the exact cause of the failed pregnancy may not be known. However after 13 weeks, a cause is more likely to be found. Many miscarriages also occur before the woman even realizes that she is pregnant.


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The only signs maybe a late period with a flow that is heavier that is normal.

Pregnancy Miscarriage Types

Miscarriages can be of different types. A threatened miscarriage is one in which there is vaginal bleeding within the first three months of pregnancy. This may be indicative that an immediate or spontaneous abortion is likely to occur. But in many cases it is just a threat and the pregnancy is likely to progress normally. In an inevitable miscarriage the woman experience bleeding and her cervix also dilates. This results in the products of conception becoming expelled from the body. A missed miscarriage is the term used to describe the type of miscarriage when the fetus has already died in the uterus, but has not been expelled from the uterus as yet. There is also no pain or bleeding to indicate that there has been a problem. The condition is diagnosed by a doctor when the enlargement of the uterus ceases. Many pregnant women experience a missed miscarriage at 14 weeks.

An incomplete miscarriage causes only some part of the contents of the uterus to be expelled. A complete miscarriage is characterized by complete natural elimination of the uterine content.

Miscarriage Second Trimester

After 14 weeks, the second trimester begins. A miscarriage that occurs between 14 and 24 weeks of gestation is known as mid-term or second trimester loss. This is usually a rare occurrence. A second trimester miscarriage generally occurs due to a condition known as an incompetent cervix wherein the cervix is unable to hold the fetus properly. There are usually no symptoms that precede this condition. There may be some amount of spotting and bleeding but by the time the diagnosis is made, it may be too late to prevent the problem. If it is detected early, a stitch may be made in the cervix to strengthen its ability to hold the fetus. The symptoms of a late miscarriage include bleeding and cramping.

Miscarriage After 14 Weeks
Miscarriage 14 Weeks
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