How Long Does Early Miscarriage Bleeding Last?

(November 25, 2010)

A miscarriage refers to the loss of your baby prior to the twentieth week of your pregnancy. In most cases, this occurs in the first 12 weeks. About 15% of miscarriages are of recognized pregnancies, while 50% of all pregnancies end up in a miscarriage. If you have miscarried there is no need to worry as almost 85% of women have had pregnancies that are healthy post a miscarriage.

Early miscarriage symptoms are bleeding or spotting blood. However, this has not to be confused with bleeding that is generally common during early pregnancy. If you find that there is a little bleeding in the early stages, it does not necessarily mean that you are having a miscarriage. Early miscarriage bleeding is often accompanied by severe cramping or abdominal pain. During early miscarriage, the bleeding usually gets worse until the placenta and pregnancy tissues are completely expelled by the body.  

How long early miscarriage bleeding lasts will depend on various factors. It mainly depends on the time required by the body to get rid of the pregnancy tissues. For some pregnant women, the time taken is about a week, while for others the time taken is around three weeks. A few women have miscarriages that last for just one day. Generally speaking, however, most miscarriages settle in 2 weeks or so. A lucky few do not face much difficulty during their miscarriage as their body reabsorbs their embryo and there is not much bleeding.
The time taken for a miscarriage varies from person to person, but if it takes more than a couple of weeks, it is best that you inform your doctor. This is mainly because any abdominal cramps and bleeding that last for two weeks are generally indicative of an incomplete pregnancy. This could lead to complications such as infection. It, therefore, becomes necessary to undergo surgery to remove pregnancy tissues that are remaining. 

First miscarriage and bleeding need not be worrying as in most cases women go on to have healthy pregnancies. To sum up, there is no definite answer as to “how long does early miscarriage bleeding last.” This depends entirely on how long the placenta and pregnancy tissues take to be removed from the mother’s body. Although early miscarriage symptoms such as physical pain and bleeding disappear in a couple of weeks, the emotional trauma is much more. Care should be taken to make sure that multiple miscarriages do not occur. Precautionary measures such as exercising regularly and eating healthy should be taken to ensure that you can have a healthy pregnancy at a later date.

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