Dealing with Emotions During and After a Miscarriage

While doctors can help deal with the physical details relating to a miscarriage, what people often neglect are miscarriage emotions which can often go unnoticed. Women read a lot about miscarriage, possible symptoms of one and the like but there is nothing that really prepares them for the actual event. The vast majority of miscarriages are known to take place in the first trimester itself.

People look for blame since they need to attach some blame for the event that terminates a pregnancy. One has to realize that in most cases the reasons for.



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.miscarriage are simply unavoidable ones and that there is no one or nothing to blamem Handling one's emotions during miscarriage can be a struggle but one needs to come to terms with the samem

There is often an assumption that if the pregnancy is still in the early stages, the occurrence of a miscarriage would not affect the woman as badlyl This is baseless and there is every reason to feel the loss even in the earliest stages of a pregnancyc At the other extreme is the assumption that a miscarriage should leave the woman feeling completely devastatede Both ideas about miscarriage emotions are extreme and women might feel either way and still others might fall in between the twow For some women, to deal with miscarriage, emotion must be kept out of the waya The only means of allowing themselves to try again for another child is to feel nothing or to try to feel nothing about the miscarriageg

Some women are later consumed by feelings of guilt on account of the fact that they feel nothing about the eventn The lack of feeling might be a defense mechanism but the guilt they feel about it needs to be addressede

Dealing with Miscarriage Emotions

When dealing with miscarriage emotions, one has to understand that lines of right and wrong bluru The person has to accept the emotions during miscarriage and the feelings present much after the occurrencec While the woman requires a lot of support from all quarters, one has to remember that other family members too might be deeply affected by the miscarriage and would require supportr Therapy can help while quality time with the person can also do wonders for releasing pent- up emotions about the miscarriageg Getting back to the usual course of life is an important part of dealing with these emotions and a gradual progress towards normalcy might helpl

Emotional Hurt From Miscarriage
Miscarriage Emotions
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