Tips to Overcome the Emotional Effects of a Miscarriage

A miscarriage is one of the worst things that can happen to any mother. The heartache that you may undergo after having a miscarriage is much higher than the one that you may have when you are undergoing it.

If you have just recovered from a miscarriage, you may want to know what impact it can have on your body and ways in which to deal with your life after undergoing one.

Emotional Effects of Miscarriage


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Side Effects Of Miscarriage

Emotional Effects of Miscarriage

It is essential to find ways to treat yourself emotionally and physically so that you recover from this incident as soon as possible and gear yourself to plan for another baby. Miscarriages normally occur in the twentieth week of pregnancy. The effects of a miscarriage depend on how long you were pregnant and how much you wanted the baby.

If you miss your period and are unaware of pregnancy, then a miscarriage can be nothing more than an extra heavy flow. This type of miscarriage is called as natural miscarriage. If you have had an incomplete miscarriage, then you may want to wait for it to occur naturally or get one induced through a medical procedure. However, if you undergo a miscarriage in the eleventh or twelfth week of pregnancy, then the bleeding can be quite heavy and cramps can be severe. It may feel like labor pains.

Cause of Miscarriage

If you wish to find out the cause behind the miscarriage, then you will be required to undergo several medical tests and get yourself thoroughly checked. After a miscarriage, the hormones may take time to return to the non-pregnancy state.

It may take around one week or more for the bleeding to stop and several weeks for your breasts to return to the normal size.

Your body tends to recover quickly after a miscarriage. What needs to be taken care of is your emotional health. Most of the miscarriage side effects are related to psychological and emotional complications. You can take care of your emotional health by talking about your experience and seeking the support of your friends and relatives.

The best way to seek solace is by maintaining a diary where you can vent your emotions and overcome the trauma. Participating in different online forums, reading books and knowing about others who have managed to deal with miscarriage after effects can offer huge help.

You can remember your baby by preserving the ultrasound reports, by holding a memorial service for your baby or by giving your baby a special name. Remember that the effects of a miscarriage can be both physical and emotional, so it best to consult your doctor.

Miscarriage Effects
Miscarriage Effects
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