What Causes a Miscarriage During the Second Trimester?

The second trimester, also regarded as the golden period of pregnancy, may not be so for some women. Even as the morning sickness, nausea, and other discomforts fade away, the risk of having a miscarriage stays even after you have come half-way in pregnancy.

The good news is that the risk is much lower as compared to the first trimester.

When a pregnancy ends abruptly or spontaneously due to some reason before the fetus can survive on its own, it is termed a miscarriage.


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The risks of having a miscarriage are high in the first trimester of your pregnancy Some miscarriages happen well before you even realize that you are pregnant At times miscarriage happens when you are in the second trimester. If you lose your pregnancy from the sixteenth to the twentieth week, then it is called a late miscarriage. However, if you lose your pregnancy after the twentieth week, it is regarded as a still birth.

Causes of Second Trimester Miscarriage

The causes of a second trimester miscarriage can be many. A miscarriage may happen due to the following reasons:

  • Chromosomal abnormalities
  • Infections
  • Preterm labor
  • Incompetent cervix wherein the cervix is unable to hold the fetus
  • Abdominal trauma
  • Thrombophilia disorders or a tendency to form internal blood clots
  • Problems with the placenta
  • Congenital causes or heart malformations in the baby
  • Unknown causes.

Effects of Second Trimester Miscarriage

Miscarriage at any stage of the pregnancy can be very disturbing. Here are some of the effects:

  • Excessive bleeding: After undergoing a miscarriage, if you soak your sanitary pad within an hour, then seek medical help immediately. Some women may suffer from hemorrhage as a side-effect of a miscarriage.
  • Infection: There is a possibility of getting an infection after undergoing a miscarriage.

    However, timely treatment, like a course of antibiotics can definitely help. If you notice a foul smelling vaginal discharge, cramping, or vaginal bleeding, then seek a doctor's help immediately as these indicate an infection.
  • Depression: This is the most strong side-effect of a miscarriage, especially one that has happened in your second trimester. Feeling low and sad is natural. However, more than that you need to figure out the cause of second trimester miscarriage and be careful when you plan your next baby.
  • Anxiety and stress: These are again the next main complications that a miscarriage can cause. Too much of anxiety and stress can lead to traumatic stress disorder.

After undergoing a miscarriage, it is important to investigate the reasons behind it so that you can take precautionary action for future pregnancies.

2nd Trimester Miscarriage Causes
Miscarriage Causes Second Trimester
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